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Through flexible online learning, you can increase your skills, expertise and job prospects – opening a world of possibility.

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Learning online can be the difference between securing a job you work at, and a job you thrive at.


After completing one of our courses, your professional world could open up in all kinds of directions. Not only will you have developed extensive insight into your discipline, you’ll have gained a depth of theoretical and (in a lot of cases) practical experience that will help you to stand out from the competition when applying for your dream career.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘How do I make a career change?’, then remote learning can be the answer for you. Changing careers doesn’t need to feel daunting or difficult. Online courses in New Zealand offer the opportunity to take your first successful step in transforming your job prospects. Whether you’re considering a career change at 40 or you’re entering the working world for the first time, Learning Online courses are the flexible, affordable and highly supportive educational platforms to get you on the path to professional fulfilment. 


If you’re interested in how to learn professional photography, online courses in photography can equip you with the key technical and artistic skills to kickstart your own photography business, secure a role in an existing agency, or elevate your freelance career to work with higher quality clients around the world. Once you have mastered the core transferable photography techniques and editing software, you can choose to specialise in pets, weddings, media, fashion, corporate events – or whatever industry inspires you most.

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Wildlife & Animal

Whether it’s studying reptiles, diving into our vet assistant courses, or enrolling in a dog grooming course you can pay off in easy installments, these courses will support you to secure an entry-level position in the highly competitive Wildlife & Animal industry. You can choose to work in a zoo, sanctuary, retail store, vet clinic, pet care business, stables, breeding business, wildlife conservation organisation or even a laboratory – the world’s your oyster!

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Our online courses in beauty have been designed to equip you with the fundamental skills to start and grow your own beauty business or to secure a raise in your current role as a beauty therapist. Take a specialised eyelash course online to add to your service list and increase your rates with local clients. Or learn makeup online and achieve an online makeup artist certification, so you can build a career which includes styling catwalk models, brides, actors and potentially even students for special school events.

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Agriculture & Farming

Our agriculture courses offer highly specialised, expert education to give you the technical insight to building a successful career in this fast-paced, dynamic industry. Whether you want to work in management, begin a business in organic farming, secure a hands-on position in sheep & cattle farming or explore viticulture and open your own winery, studying Agriculture and Farming can open myriad opportunities in this bustling sector.

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If you would love to develop your skills as a life, health and wellbeing coach, open your own bed and breakfast, become a wedding planner or event manager, begin your own nutrition business or even become a master yoga instructor, the Lifestyle industry offers a wealth of possibilities for your professional career. For instance, an online course in ecotourism or adventure tourism could help you to secure a management position, or offer you insight into building your own agency. Whatever area you want to pursue, the Lifestyle industry is full of opportunities to build your ideal career.

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Small Business, Admin & Reception

Careers in this industry couldn’t be more diverse. Likewise, the skills you’d secure are highly transferable, meaning that whatever education you develop in this discipline can open the doors to countless professional positions in many sectors. Online courses in business administration, for instance, include mastering interpersonal communication, phone skills, computer applications, health and safety, office procedures and much more. So whether you choose to work in construction, medicine, retail, commercial, small trade, or law, you can grow your career in almost any sector you choose.  

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Landscaping & Horticulture

If you’re green-fingered and seeking to turn your pruning passion into a profession, landscaping and horticulture short courses are the perfect entry into this flourishing industry. With this education and practical experience to hand, you can choose to pursue a role in park management, gardening, maintenance, landscaping design, nurseries, national parks, plant science or you can begin your very own horticulture business. Whilst a number of jobs in this industry require a great degree of physical fitness, you will have the opportunity to truly thrive, immersed in nature as you grow into your dream career. 

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