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Best careers in New Zealand

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ We’ve all been asked it, but sometimes it seems like a question that was easier to answer when we were children. 

As kids, our dream job was often whatever we were fascinated with at the time, and was prone to change daily. We fully believed in our power to become whatever we wanted, from rock stars and astronauts to dog trainers and fire-people, we didn’t doubt for a second that our future would be extraordinary. 

Adult life has a rather unkind way of knocking this sense of belief and imagination out of us, hitting us with boring practicalities that didn’t even cross our minds years ago. 

Here at My Learning Online, we say a big NO THANK YOU to dream-dashing, as we strive to revive that childlike sense of wonder and excitement you once felt about your career prospects.

A great way to start is to find a job you are passionate about – is it practical, creative, hands-on, active? What are your top priorities when looking for a job – perhaps work environment, salary, the opportunity for promotion; would you prefer to be self-employed and work to your own schedule?

These are all important questions to ask yourself in order to choose a career that makes you feel inspired to jump out of bed each day and dive into your work. From here, you can then decide how you want to go about achieving your goals – whether you have some prior knowledge or are a total beginner, taking a short business course in your chosen field can be an extremely beneficial way to jump-start your work life and set you on an upward trajectory.

At My Learning Online, all of our training comes in the form of online courses, which means you have the flexibility to organise your learning around your schedule. All our courses come with a downloadable brochure and further information about course overview and content, module breakdowns, accessing your learning online, tutor support and tuition payment plans. 

If you have any questions that you can’t find the answers to on our website, don’t hesitate to get in contact – we’d love to hear from you! 

To help you on your way, we have done some research and compiled a collection of some of the best jobs in New Zealand, along with also some of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand, depending on your passion and priority.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Highest paying jobs

A high or competitive salary is often a draw for people when it comes to choosing a career, and financial security often being high up on our list. Edvoy has a great article that goes into detail about the 15 highest paying jobs in New Zealand 2022, with further explanation in regards to salary and qualifications needed to enter these careers. The list is as follows:

  1. Information Technology Manager
  2. Building and Construction Manager
  3. Information Technology Architect
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Procurement Manager
  6. Ship’s Master
  7. Ophthalmologist 
  8. Mine Manager
  9. Senior Communications Specialist 
  10. Financial Advisor
  11. Head of HR
  12. Pathologist
  13. Anaesthesiologist
  14. Managing Director/Chief Executive 
  15. Judge
15 highest paying jobs in New Zealand infographic

Best creative jobs

Creative jobs are not always renowned for their hefty salaries, but many manage to turn their artistic dreams into a reality. Remember that famous saying…do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!

Here are a few jobs that fall under the creative category that might appeal to you:

  • Photographer 
  • Interior Designer
  • Architect
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Animator
  • Wedding and Events Planner
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Copywriter

Take a look at our different courses in photography, beauty therapies and wedding planning and event management – you never know, they could just be the jobs for you.

Best careers creative jobs infographic

Part-time, flexible and freelance

Having a job that flexibly works around your schedule and aligns with your other commitments makes for a much easier day to day hustle. Freelance work, as well as starting your own business and part-time and ad hoc positions are always in high demand, so there will always be someone somewhere in need of service. The New Zealand Government Business website has clear steps and advice to guide you towards starting your own business.

Do any of these take your fancy?

  • Personal Trainer – there are a number of personal training courses out there, many of which can be found online – this is a great career choice for active individuals and can be a completely mobile business; clients can travel to you and vice versa, depending on your preferences
  • Stylist – stylists are always in high demand, called upon for every. It is a career that lends itself well to a business start-up, and is easy to find willing subjects on which to practice your craft!
  • Makeup Artist – similarly to the life of a stylist, makeup artists are popular for occasions such as weddings, proms, photoshoots and high-end events, and can quickly rise to high levels of acclaim as you build your clientele and form a reputation
  • Tutor – a flexible job that is great for new graduates – it can be done online so you can tutor from anywhere in the world, and by becoming self-employed you can decide your own hours and rates
  • Waiter – it is likely that all of us will at some point gain experience in the hospitality industry – waiting is flexible in nature due to the general arrangement and distribution of shifts, and is a great way to build social skills
  • Secretary – great for those who thrive in a structured environment, secretarial jobs require good social skills and strong organisational prowess
  • Driver – driving jobs have risen in popularity in the past few years as companies such as Uber gained momentum, and are a flexible choice for those who like to get out and about
  • Proofreading – checking the grammar and spelling of everything from blogs and books to reports and documents is a vital role in the release of content and data – the written word isn’t going anywhere, and there will always be the need for those who can ensure the writing reaches its readers in a correct and professional format

And there we have it, some of the best jobs to be had in our beloved New Zealand. If there are any in particular that catch your eye, perhaps try searching for degrees and courses near you, or alternatively searching for online courses in New Zealand would allow you flexibility and learning at your own pace.

The best thing to do is look around, take a few things off the shelf and see if they interest you. You will know when you have found the work you love because it won’t feel like work!

Enquire about any of our courses today and allow us to help guide you on an exciting new voyage of discovery!


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