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Which course is best post-lockdown?

If lockdown has shown us one thing, it’s that our true passions or ambitions in life should not be side-lined. Whilst we are gradually emerging into a post-lockdown world, and our lives are once again returning to some degree of hustle and bustle, that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice the hours we’d claimed to explore our interests or develop additional skills. 

Perhaps lockdown helped you to realise that a change of career is on the cards. Or maybe it revealed a need to add more skills and experience to your CV. Whatever your reason, online learning remains a great way to gain additional qualifications and boost your portfolio, helping to unlock career paths that you may not have realised were even available to you.     

You may even now be wondering which course is best to take post-lockdown; what are the best short term courses to get a job in New Zealand and will offer you the best quality of education, whilst fitting in between your current responsibilities? 

The great news is that there are a number of short courses available, designed to help set you up for a new job or build on an existing skill set to take your career to the next level. Let’s take a look at the best short term courses to get a job in New Zealand, and learn more!

1. Professional Makeup Artistry Certificate

Do you have a passion for makeup and creating beauty looks? Then explore this further by taking a course in Professional Makeup Artistry

With social media bigger and busier than ever, makeup artistry has become more and more popular. Once you’ve developed your skills through e-learning, you can capture videos and photos to showcase your work to a worldwide audience. Even better, future growth in this sector appears steady meaning lots of lucrative opportunities heading your way. 

There are so many different types of makeup artistry to consider too. Do you want to work in a salon, at events, in the fashion industry, at weddings, photoshoots, or perhaps the theatre, television or film? With so many industries and services demanding makeup artists, this is a truly diverse and exciting career path. 

Taking a short course post-lockdown could end up being the beginning of a long and fulfilling career in makeup. Clients will know you are capable, confident and qualified when you have a certification under your belt, and future employers will know you have the specialist skills required to do show-stopping work on their behalf. What’s not to love?

2. Professional Photography Certificate

Photography is a great hobby to turn into a lucrative career. By learning online and taking our Professional Photography Business Certificate, you can learn the art of taking fantastic photographs from beginner level to professional…within a matter of weeks! 

Walking you through the fundamentals of digital photography as well as the essential post production skills, this course sets you up with study in specialist areas and teaches you how to put together a top-quality photography portfolio. 

Unlike many career paths, where finding a position can be a challenge, stable future growth is predicted for photography careers with photographers in high demand. Again, social media platforms and digital news outlets are fantastic sources for this kind of work, with a constant requirement for high-quality and professional photography and video media. 

Pursuing a career in photography means following a career path that isn’t your traditional nine to five, but gives you the freedom to choose the assignments you’re truly interested in and the opportunity to be creative! It’s really a picture perfect future.

3. Beginners Dog Grooming Certificate

If spending time with our four-legged friends is your passion, have you considered a course in Dog Grooming? Lockdown increased the number of dogs we adopted into our homes, and as a result the demand for pet care services (including dog groomers) has soared too!

This really is a great course to take post-lockdown, whether you’d like to open up your own full-time dog grooming business or if it’s something you’re considering as a side hustle. Dog owners want to know their pet is in safe and capable hands, and by getting certified in our course in dog grooming, you’ll learn how to properly pamper pooches by bathing, trimming, clipping, and styling the coats of all dogs. 

This course also covers specialty coat types and a variety of different breeds, meaning you can choose to specialise in working with specific dog types and make your dog grooming salon even more exclusive and eye-catching. It is also the only professional online dog grooming certificate in New Zealand that comes complete with a kit that has everything you will need to complete the course. That should be enough to get any tail wagging!

4. Certificate in Life Coaching, Health & Wellbeing

Lockdown highlighted just how important our health is, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Do you have a passion for wellbeing and healthy living? Would you like to take this passion and use it to help and motivate others? Are you interested in the reasons why we think, feel and react the way we do – and showing others the steps to help them break out of negative life patterns or habits? 

If so, you should consider taking a Certificate in Life Coaching, Health & Wellbeing post-lockdown! The skills you learn can set you up for self-employment and building your own business, or can help open the doors to industries such as hospitality or the charity sector – giving you so many career opportunities to explore. 

This is also a great introductory level course, as it gives you a comprehensive insight into this sector and can help confirm whether life coaching is truly something you want to build your career around. It also equips you with core knowledge and skills that can be built upon, whether you choose to specialise in physical or mental health moving forward. Can you imagine a more rewarding passion to pursue?

5. Professional Communication

Effective communication touches on every aspect of life, and when we communicate effectively, the quality of our relationships – both personal and professional – improve. Since relationships with colleagues, business partners or friends are the key to a happy and successful life, a course in Professional Communication is ideal to take post-lockdown.

With many of us spending increased time online or working remotely, sometimes the majority of our connection and communication with colleagues takes place through video calls. This makes understanding what makes effective communication more important than ever, as sometimes we have to rely on verbal communication only, especially where we lose those all important, non-verbal cues. 

The skills you learn on this course are transferable to every career, with great communication a critical part of every profession. Better yet, by studying an online course such as this post-lockdown, you are in the perfect position to put these skills and knowledge into practice immediately with friends and family, as well as at work!

If you’re interested in becoming a more effective team member or making yourself more appealing to potential employers, then this is the course for you.

6. Medical Reception Certificate

Health care settings came to real prominence with the pandemic, for obvious reasons, and a Medical Reception Certificate can set you up for a long career in the healthcare field. 

Working in clinics or at GP surgeries, medical receptionists are responsible for day-to-day administrative requirements, greeting patients and communicating effectively with other medical staff. This certificate will help you stand out in a competitive job market and also helps to demonstrate your dedication to working in this field, as it highlights your initiative in undertaking additional studies in order to increase your fundamental skills.

By becoming familiar with technical and specialist terminology, as covered in this course, you’ll be able to establish a solid foundation and fasttrack your success in both finding a job and flourishing in this role! Indeed, this course is one of the best short term courses in New Zealand to equip you with core skills and knowledge needed for a role as a medical receptionist, meaning you will be ready to hit the ground running when it comes to entering this important and fulfilling career sector.

As you can see, our assortment of short courses can unlock countless opportunities to a wider variety of jobs and career paths, perfect for post-lockdown. Not to mention that every online learning course offers the chance to pursue an interest or skill that may lead to more professional and personal fulfilment. 

Don’t forget, tutors are on hand to help you with any questions you may have, and you can easily fit a learning schedule around your particular work or childcare commitments. Take the first step in a new career or side hustle today, with one of our courses that are ideal for post-lockdown learning!


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