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5 things in every great photographer’s bag

Since the very first snapshot was taken, we haven’t been able to get enough of photography. Taking photos has become completely ingrained in our day to day culture, from capturing memories and beautiful moments to high-end advertising and art collections, photography has become one of the world’s favourite ways to document our lives.

With the rise of technology over the past decade, every new iPhone has a better camera than the one before, paired with the increasing popularity of social media, this has resulted in us taking more snaps than ever before. The magic of capturing a moment in time never seems to get old.

There are lots of different styles of photography that have emerged from this photographic phenomenon, and many careers have been made through the calling of the camera. Whether personal, artistic, educational or business-led, photography is an industry that will only go from strength to strength – there will always be a want and a need for making moments last forever.

Do you have a penchant for pictures? A skill for capturing settings? A love of lighting? 

Well then, have you considered a career in photography? Our photography course is the perfect place to start to get your career on its feet. 

All our learning is completely online for flexibility and ease, whilst still maintaining an excellent tutor support system for our students. The course covers all the basics to give you a solid foundation in the field, including lighting, aperture, shutter speed, and digital photography and editing using Lightroom and Photoshop. We’ll even send you your own DSLR camera before you start which is included in our payment plans.

Our photography course has been developed over 15 years with industry expertise, ensuring that you graduate with the strongest possible skill set.

Want to know a bit more about photography? Let us take you through some of the things every beginner photographer needs, looking at photography equipment lists and cool photography accessories to give you the best start.

It is always best to be prepared infographic

Camera snacks and supplies

The camera – your trusted steed on your quest for the perfect picture. This is your most vital piece of equipment, and so it is important to keep it in top working order. Being sure to pack your bag with lens cleaning products and spare batteries will keep your camera fuelled and ready to capture the perfect moments. Camera Warehouse has an extensive range of camera accessories and cleaning products at affordable prices.

Tripod territory

Investing in a collapsible tripod will make your job so much easier. Using a tripod will allow you to position your camera and work around it, keeping it steady while you get things set up ready. You will be able to get the framing for your artistic vision spot on without having to keep changing your camera position. Tripods are great for keeping your camera stable for whatever position you want to capture the shot in – the height, and often angle, of tripods can be altered to suit your needs and getting one that can be folded up and carried with you makes for an easier ride, particularly if you are shooting on location.

Backing it up

We’ve all been there: spending hours working to create something brilliant, only for our systems to crash or technology to fail, and having that gut-punch realisation that we didn’t back our work up. Taking portable storage drives with you on shoots will ensure that your hard work is always saved safely, ready to edit later.

Let there be light

They may look like they come from outer space, but reflectors are in fact the perfect way to enhance and manipulate the light of your photos. These pop-up disks come in white, silver and gold and can create a different feel depending on the angle at which they reflect light, whether natural or in a studio. They are great for altering light warmth and temperature, allowing you to create images with varying vibes. These work particularly well for portrait photography, using the light to reflect onto the face in the best position, and therefore making for a striking shot. Reflectors can often be bought in packs and are available in different sizes. Photo Shack has a great range of collapsible reflectors in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Other important photography stuff

You never know where you’ll be shooting or what the environment might bring, so it is always best to be prepared. Here is a list of things you might not think you need, but which can come in mighty handy on a shoot:

  • Bin bags – these will be an absolute lifesaver, particularly in outdoor locations, The weather can be unpredictable and the elements couldn’t give two figs whether you are trying to make art, so having a couple of plastic bin bags ready to protect your camera from the rain or to cover a muddy puddle will save you a great deal of inconvenience
  • Notebook and pen – whether it is notes about location, lighting or artistic vision, it is always super handy to have a pen and paper at the ready to keep a physical log of the shoot and any alterations to your original plan
  • Gaffer tape – there will always be something that falls down or needs holding together during a shoot, so having a reel of tape with you for quick fixes will make things run smoothly
  • Packets of silica gel – similarly to our loyal friend the bin bag, silica gel is a great way to protect your equipment from moisture damage. Placing a few packets in your bags along with your gear will keep away snow and water damage, as well as issues caused by the condensation of temperature changes 
5 things every photographer needs infographic

Liking the sound of a career in photography? Why not check out our other eclectic courses in camera-wielding? We offer 4 other brilliant courses in photography, each focusing on different styles and sectors of the industry:

  • Portrait Photography – an extremely popular style of photography, often called upon for artistic endeavours and special occasions. Our course takes you through a series of skills to help you get the most effective photos of each beautifully unique face
  • Photography Business – the perfect course to help you get your photography business where it needs to be
  • Professional Photography – a course that offers everything you will need to get your photography to a professional level
  • Wildlife Photography – learn how to capture the essence of some of the world’s weirdest and most wonderful creatures

All of our courses come with a downloadable course brochure and further information about our online learning system, module breakdowns, tutor support and payment plans.

Enquire today about one of our photography courses and start snapping your way to success.


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