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Certificate in

Photography Business

Course Overview



This course can be paid off through an interest free payment plan of between $35 – $40 per week. Alternatively, this course qualifies for a discount for upfront payment.



This course comprises of 2 key modules made up of 14 lessons. Completion of this course requires approximately 200 hours of study.



Just because you are studying online, doesn’t mean you are studying alone. Feel totally supported with access to full tutor support over the phone and via email 6 days a week.



A Certificate of Attainment will be issued upon completion of your course to add to your resume.


DSLR camera

This course comes with a choice of a number of professionally recommended cameras suited to the course and a career in photography to serve you over the long term.

Looking to start a Photography business??

This Professional Photography Business course has been specifically designed for over 15 years of development to be THE Professional Photography Certificate on the market!

This course will take willing students from beginner all the way to professional photography level! The course will start with all of the fundamentals of digital photography, including lighting, aperture, shutter speed, composition and colour. From there the course will cover all the postproduction (photoshop and lightroom) skills necessary to get your photos from your camera to the web, from your camera to print and from your camera to portrait!

From here the course will move into a detailed study of different kinds of Photography including wildlife, food, journalism, and much more! Learn the intricacies of these industries and what it takes to succeed as a specialist photographer.

Then bring it all together! Learn how to put together a professional portfolio, negotiate your costs with clients and present your sales pitch!

Once you are certified you will need customers; our Professional Photography Business Certificate includes social media marketing training so that potential customers can see your advertising!

If you are serious about a long-term career in photography, then look no further! This is the course for you!

Don’t have a DSLR Camera? No stress! Our payment plans include a DSLR camera.

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Course Outline

Module 1 – Digital Photography

  1. Digital cameras and the digital world
  2. Mastering exposure
  3. ISO and low light photography
  4. Exploring colour and white balance
  5. Image composition
  6. Adobe Photoshop 1
  7. Nature, travel and other genres of Photography
  8. Portrait, wedding and event photography
  9. Developing your portfolio

Module 2 – Electives

Choose 3 of the following

  1. Adobe Photoshop 2
  2. Adobe Lightroom 1
  3. Adobe Lightroom 2
  4. The Business of Photography
  5. The History of Photography
  6. Creating Inspired Images
  7. Photography Advanced Techniques
  9. Instagram Marketing Course OR
  10. Facebook Marketing Course
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