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Why is animal husbandry important?

If you have always dreamed of working with commercial livestock, or want to provide the best care for your own herd, then you might have heard of Animal Husbandry. A term for the branch of agriculture concerned with the welfare and health of livestock, this knowledge is paramount for those who want to work with domesticated animals of any kind.

If you want to provide a service to clients or farms, are interested in cattle farming, or run a successful chicken coop then read on! This article explains what animal husbandry is, how to gain these all-important skills, and how they can help with your dream agricultural career.

What does animal husbandry mean?

This term refers to the care given by humans for livestock or farm animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. A thorough knowledge of husbandry is an excellent addition to any job application or agricultural plans, as you will demonstrate your ability to provide the highest quality of care to animals in your charge. These skills can also be applied to animals outside the livestock sphere, enhancing the knowledge of pet owners and zookeepers too.

Why is it important?

True husbandry is about caring for animals in a way that benefits them and society.

As well as complying with welfare laws and ensuring the comfort and security needed for an animal’s wellbeing, husbandry skills are essential for agricultural businesses to thrive. Good husbandry practices improve the animal’s environment, prevents animal stress that leads to disease and generally reduces the need for veterinary intervention. Meaning that your produce, stock and output can naturally grow and expand to meet the demands of human consumption. Whether you are producing wool, eggs, leather or beef, or just seeking to increase the size of your stock through breeding programmes.

Animal husbandry skills

In general, husbandry means providing animals with food and water, adequate space and light, protecting them from the environment (such as insects or heat) and protecting them from predators.

On a more in-depth course, you can learn the full spectrum of animal care, to maximise wellbeing and production. Including:

● Observation and identification of abnormal behaviour
● Understanding of common ailments, diseases and parasites
● Correct animal restraint procedures
● Taking and evaluating vital signs
● Basic wound care
● Hoof care
● Administration of oral medicines
● Administration of injectable vaccines & antibiotics
● Fencing practices
● Land maintenance
● Production schedules
● Production procedures
● Enrichment practices

Career Prospects

Clearly, animal husbandry is a vital skill for any wishing to work in the agricultural industry. Especially for those looking to work as a Sheep Farmer, Dairy Cattle Farm Manager, Beef Cattle Manager or Livestock Production Practitioner.

It is not only farmers who need to have knowledge of animal husbandry, however, as those looking for roles in animal care jobs will also benefit too. Animal welfare, animal shelter and zoo-based roles require an understanding of these incredibly important skills.

So how can you gain animal husbandry skills?

To formalise your knowledge, and wow employers, gaining a certificate is a smart idea. With My Learning Online, you can choose courses completely tailored to the kind of animal husbandry job that you want to do in future.

For example, if you are interested in working with Sheep, Beef Cattle or Dairy Cattle, we have specifically designed courses for each of these areas, taught by industry professionals. Covering all the essential animal husbandry skills needed to put you in good stead to develop a strong foundation of knowledge, so you can offer profitable care and welfare for agricultural businesses or your own livestock. These courses will help you to elevate your expertise above others looking for entry-level employment or success in these highly competitive industries too. Your cow certificate can do all the talking for you!

If you want a broader knowledge of production and processing, then we have a regional Livestock Management Course that is the perfect choice for you.  Created to help you acquire the knowledge necessary to successfully operate a commercial livestock enterprise, including important modules on pasture management and animal health. Ideal for the development of professionals currently employed in the agricultural sector, or those who would like to take their livestock career to the next level. A sound knowledge of livestock management can look fantastic on your zookeeper application too!

Whatever your agricultural or animal welfare goals, our courses can help you get there. Accessible pricing plans and 24-hour learning means you can learn in an affordable and flexible way to suit your lifestyle. So get ready for your career to thrive, while your animals thrive too!


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