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Why being a dog groomer is the pawfect career

If there is one thing that unites us, it’s that we’re a nation of animal-lovers. And with around 40% of New Zealand households including at least one dog, it’s unsurprising that our pooch pals reign supreme as the most popular pet.

In fact, you may be a proud dog lover yourself!

Dog grooming is a very profitable career

Maybe you’ve kicked back and flicked over to the Pooch Perfect show starring Rebel Wilson and dreamed about what it’d be like to work with dogs as a career. Perhaps you’ve considered digging around for dog grooming courses or dog grooming training, so you could make caring for adorable pooches your full-time gig.

And you know what? You couldn’t pick a more lucrative career. With over 3 million dogs in New Zealand alone, and breeds ranging from the teeny New Zealand silky terrier to the lusciously leggy whippet, the dog grooming industry couldn’t be in higher demand.

In fact, in 2019 New Zealand’s households were estimated to have spent over $10 billion on pet services and products, with dog owners spending the most. It again just goes to prove that as a nation, we’re willing to spoil our furry friends absolutely rotten, treating them more as treasured family members than mere pets.

Help maintain dogs health

But really, whilst dog grooming can be profitable – with the promise of repeat custom and average wage of 31-46k – it’s the love and care of the animals which supersedes everything else. In a way, the dollars are just a bonus to this dream career. The most rewarding and fulfilling thing is being able to help these dogs to be healthy, happy and comfortable.

For instance, dog grooming can not only help owners avoid expensive vets bills caused by skin irritation, painful overgrown nails, dental disease and infections, it can also help avoid aggressive behaviour in dogs as you’re able to nip things like ticks, fleas, mites and grass seeds in the bud. Treat the source and not the symptoms, right?

Help boost their mental health as well

Yet what makes the skill of dog grooming truly invaluable is that in addition to helping maintain a dog’s physical health, you can also boost their emotional and mental health too. With regular dog grooming, pooches large and small can become more sociable, less-stressed and amenable to being handled from nose to paw to tail. No more startled nips from Lassie during the regular nail clipping session!

So whilst dog grooming can help our pooches look seriously suave and make ‘Thor the golden labrador’ and ‘Bella the border collie’ the envy of all the canines on the block, these skills offer so much more than superficial benefits for our animals.

Even if you’ve previously dismissed training to become a dog groomer due to physical restrictions or time constraints, these no longer have to be barriers to making this dream career your reality. You can easily achieve a dog grooming certification with our professional online dog grooming classes.

What do grooming could do for you

Forget simply ‘reading’ about the styling techniques; with our online dog grooming course, which features video demos and pro tutorials led by our partners at igroomHub, you can gain all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to bathe, trim, clip & style all kinds of coats.

Just imagine… you could soon be one of those pro contestants on Pooch Perfect, a camera panning over to capture the moment you transform a Shih-Tzu into a Shut-your-mouth-that-can’t-be-the-same-dog Tzu. You’d even have a head start on your competitors, being trained by one of Pooch Perfect’s guest judges Nicky Renwood (who is, in fact, our partner at igroomHub and an expert tutor who’ll help you gain your dog grooming certification!)

With our state of the art dog grooming kit by your side, included in our online course, you could be the next big thing of the dog grooming world. The Coco Chanel of the Cocker Spaniels. The Calvin Klein of the Chow Chows. The Stellar McCartney of the Samoyed. Or you could simply enjoy spending your time, surrounded by countless fur babies.

So whether you’re already fur-ther along your dog grooming career or looking to start out in this industry, the doors this training can open for you will be limitless. Chances are that there’ll never be a shortage of dog owners clawing at your door nor gorgeous pooches to groom to gorgeousness, so why not master the skills and achieve a dog grooming certification online to set your career on the best path possible?

After all, you wouldn’t want to continue barking up the wrong tree with some other unsatisfying job. Would you?


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