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Could becoming a makeup artist really be a dream come true?

Got your dreams set on becoming a makeup artist? Oh yeah – we get it! Spending all day thinking about the latest beauty trends, experimenting with different amazing looks and working with the coolest clients is what makes being a makeup artist a dream job – and you get paid for it! Like any other awesome gig, it also takes a lot of hard work, but we’ve got you covered…let’s break this career down for you.

Are you all about glitz and glamour?

Makeup artist jobs in the entertainment industry are a great choice. Involving everything from television studios to the stage, professionals in this industry can work as part of a team or be self-employed.

Learn how to do your job with love

Or are you strictly about fashion?

Working with models puts you in charge of preparing men and women for everything from a photoshoot and runway appearance, to a gig in advertisements. These types of makeup jobs can be found by aligning yourself with modelling agencies and magazines.

But wait – there are soooo many of us out there who need your expertise!

While you might think that the entertainment and fashion industries are the most exciting sectors to work in as a make-up artist, working in the service industry in a spa or salon, can be just as rewarding. Working in the cosmetic service industry, you will have the opportunity to help many people – from giving makeovers for bridal parties and loads of other special occasions, to giving invaluable advice to men and women every day. There is something great about working your magic on the everyday Jane and turning her into a knockout as she heads of with confidence to her special occasion.

Maybe you want to break free….

One of the great things about makeup artistry is that once you have the education, confidence and experience, you can do what you love on a freelance basis, in various work environments – from film, beauty pageants and fashion, to weddings and photoshoots. Travelling to various locations and building your own client base.

Would you like a mentor with that?

Once you have your certificate in makeup artistry , see if you can connect with a makeup artist, in an environment in which you have the greatest interest, who will let you tag along to their jobs. If you can work as their assistant or as an intern, even better! Having a mentor who can show you the ropes is invaluable

Oh, and here’s a tip – kick off your shoes babe!

Working as a makeup artist requires long days spent on your feet. It’s a simple tip, but an important one: “Ditch heels when heading to work”.

A certificate would teach you the theoretical and practical skills to work as a makeup artist.

Learning from professionals and getting certification is important to becoming a truly great makeup artist, but also remember practice makes perfect, so keep trying out different looks on yourself and your friends – the more you do it, the better you’ll be.  Your makeup artist certification online can open doors for formal occasions, bridal make up or on set for the fashion and entertainment industry!

Figure out what you’re good at and what you need more practice doing. Play with product on as many skin types, facial feature shapes, and ages as you can!

Learn how to do your job with love

Our online makeup artist course will give you the confidence and skill so you never lose the love for makeup and artistry that drew you into this industry! Embrace the challenges and learn to express yourself through the art of makeup.  You will be encouraged to find your unique mojo and bring it to life with your very own stamp of creativity. The certificate will be your doorway to a career which has no limit in opportunity!

A makeup professional, like a painter, is responsible for taking his or her canvas and transforming it into something breath-taking. From a monster in a horror show to a blushing bride on her big day, a make-up artist enhances features to create something truly beautiful (or horrifying).

As a makeup artist, you can have a wonderfully exciting career in the entertainment and fashion industries. Some artists decide to go into the service industry, while others choose to build a flourishing freelance career. The choice is yours.


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