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What are the benefits of online learning?

For many, higher education can seem daunting. The inconvenient scheduling, the distance from family members, or just the sheer expense of college might not fit your goals or life plan. Which is why more and more students are deciding to turn to online learning to start their dream career. In fact, globally, the percentage of students taking one or more online courses increased from 15.6% to 43.1% in the last decade alone. 

Are you ready to join them? 

To help you decide, in this post we’ll be discussing the benefits that e-learning can offer, and why so many students are choosing our online short courses as their own personal launchpad. 

Let’s get started with number 1…

1. Flexibility

After emerging from a pandemic, we have perhaps never appreciated flexibility quite as much as we do now! Moving our social spaces, entertainment and even our studies online, we have come to understand just how important being able to run our own schedule effectively and move our work online really is.

Our goal when designing and building our courses was to offer our students the freedom to learn when and where it suits them. So whether you are a night owl or an early bird, our 24 hour access units and e-tutor support mean we are ready when you are. From Animal Care to Legal Administration, whatever you are working towards, you can use those peak hours to hone your vision. 

Plus, added flexibility means added affordability. While in person classes require you to work around them, our online courses work around you. Meaning you can keep earning, keep the day job and hustle your childcare responsibilities. This accessibility is one of the founding principles of our work here at My Learning Online, which is why our support line is always open if you need a hand or some help organising your schedule.

2. Setting your own pace

Have you ever had that feeling in class where you wanted a point repeating, but were too afraid to raise your hand? You definitely aren’t alone! Teaching isn’t a one size fits all package, and we all learn at our own pace. In fact, in a recent survey 95% of online students reported that their main motivation for picking e-learning was for this very reason.

Our courses are accessible and open, whenever you need to revisit them. So if you want to refresh your memory, really hone that past material you didn’t quite get the first time or stop the video tutorial to practice that last step again – you can! Working through all our units at your own unique pace allows you to be sure you are getting the maximum benefit from them. Ready to confidently take your next steps towards that dream role.

3. Time management skills

Flexibility is a great bonus, and it’s also an added bonus for your CV. If like some of our students, you are completing courses outside of work and family commitments, you are learning an incredibly valuable skill. Time management! Modern employers appreciate and recognise how valuable this ability is. They can see that you have a proactive approach to self-development.

Online short courses are a fantastic way to practice managing your own time and staying productive week-to-week. You’ll learn how to balance your personal life with your professional passions, and bring these valuable assets to your new role. Whether it’s scheduling Adventure Tourism Escapes or running a busy Medical Clinic.

4. Prepared for the workplace

With more and more roles becoming virtual, remote or offering flexible hours – careers look very different to traditional classrooms these days. In fact, a recent survey of global organizations showed that 46% of them now use virtual teams. On top of that, studies suggest the ability to work from home is an “opportunity for positive adaptation and innovation” In New Zealand.

Learning online helps you to prepare for the new workplace dynamics of 2021 and beyond. You’ll be equipped to communicate effectively online, embrace technology and have the ability to work from anywhere efficiently. Whether you’re communicating with happy couples as a Wedding Planner or excelling in your role as a Project Manager.

5. Proven self-motivation

By successfully earning your certificate online, you’re demonstrating to future employers or clients that you are fuelled by passion. This sense of initiative, the ability to “plan and organise one’s own work activities, activities including making good use of time and resources, sorting out priorities and monitoring performance”, is one of the top employability skills businesses are looking for.  

By gaining your certificate with My Learning Online, you demonstrate to your clients and potential employers that you are an independent and confident go-getter! That you can handle a variety of tasks, set priorities, and adapt to change. This self-motivation and proof of your passionate commitment, whether it’s running a busy Agricultural Enterprise or running a thriving Photography Studio, will help your skills shine!

6. Develop your niche

More than ever before, careers are looking and acting differently. New roles are growing from new needs, new jobs are coming from seemingly unlikely places and visible passion is becoming more important than ever. In fact, experts suggest that “owning your niche” can be the best springboard for your career. Whether it’s using your background to run a unique Life Coaching Business or specializing in Reptile Conservation.

Our range of online short courses can help you eliminate any of the fluff you don’t need, and drill down into exactly what you are passionate about sharing with the world. Developing your unique skill set and enjoying every second of the learning process!

7. Affordability

Affordability is a huge barrier for many students around the world. For many, leaving higher education with loans and debts weighing them down isn’t inspiring either! But what you might not know, is that you don’t necessarily need a degree to impress future employers. In fact, many businesses are now saying they seek out more practical employability skills over degrees. 

To learn these all important skills relevant to your chosen pathway, our courses are designed from the ground up by industry professionals. Meaning you are using every unit wisely, and paying less for it too. As well as keeping your day job while you learn, our payment plans start from as little as $25 a week. Plus, with many of our Beauty, Photography and Pet Grooming courses – you’ll get all the kit you need to get your new career started included in the price!

8. Greener learning

84% of students choose to learn online because it means they don’t have to travel. And guess what? Choosing to go online means those fuel emissions are reduced too! Plus, no physical classrooms means less electricity is used for lighting or temperature control. And – all those papers passed between students and teachers are reduced too. E-learning really is greener!

And if all things eco is your true passion, you could turn this into a thriving career. Translate your environmental passion into a course in Ecotourism or Sustainable Farming.

Want to know more about how our courses could help you? Then get in touch with our support team. They’ll be happy to guide you towards where your skills are best suited, and get your pathway to a fulfilling and rewarding online learning experience laid out.


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