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The top 5 must-haves for your dog grooming kit

As a professional groomer, your kit is important. After all, it’s got to be able to help you wow your clients, and stand up to some serious hard work too! We’ve rounded up the 5 essentials that every groomer should have in their kit, which also come included in our expert-led dog grooming online courses.

If you’ve ever dreamed of setting up a grooming business, then you’ll need to know your equipment. Instead of following trends, it’s important to invest in long-lasting and quality grooming tools that will reflect your skills. We are here to share the secrets of the time-tested, durable dog grooming equipment that works as hard as you do. 

Our dog grooming training online is the perfect platform to kick start your dream career with canines, coming with your own personalised kit that includes these top-notch tools. If you’ve enrolled, this blog is the ideal introduction to all your equipment. Or if you are simply looking to upgrade your existing kit – you are in the right place too! 

Read on, and get ready to showcase your sparkling abilities with these industry-leading tools.

Shampoo and conditioner

Bathing a dog is a groomer’s game-changing offering. Being able to leave a pooch shiny, soft, smelling rosy and their coat glowing is what brings customer’s back every time. So having the right shampoo and conditioner that cleanses, conditions and soothes a dog’s skin and coat can make all the difference. 

Always look for products specifically intended for use on dogs and as a general rule avoid anything overly scented, highly chemical or filled with hazardous preservatives – as these can upset sensitive skin and dry out the coat. 

Our kit contains the popular and sought after ProGroom™ range. This is because they contain a gentle but effective soap-free formula, loved by professional groomers. The Everyday Shampoo is the base of our kit, as it works for all coat types – from silky fine to thick double coats. Designed to be gentle on skin, meaning clients can bathe their dogs with you as often as they need, without worrying about irritation or dryness. Crafted with an easy rinse formula, so you won’t spend hours searching for residue, with a long-lasting and natural springtime fragrance (just imagine how fresh those pooches will smell!). 

The ProGroom Rehydrating Conditioner also comes included in our dog grooming certificate kit box. Formulated with Aloe Vera, this conditioner moisturises and rehydrates without weighing down coats, making for more manageable daily grooming, protecting the coat from environmental damage and leaving it silky to the touch. This means your clients will be impressed, each and every time.


First off, you’ll need a slicker. These large brushes are the ideal choice for removing excess hair, dirt and debris from a pooch’s coat, leaving fur super soft and beautifully smooth. They can also help to distribute essential oils along the skin too. The Heiniger / ProGroom Steel Backed Slicker comes included in our kit and is chosen for its comfortable and ergonomic design. The broad handle allows for frequent use that won’t start to hurt your hand, while the extremely fine-toothed bristles will seek out any dirt or shedding hair. Penetrating deep into the coat for a thorough clean, while still being soft enough to provide a pleasurable experience for your furry customers.  

Also included is a durable comb in a regular size that works well for most breeds, meaning you can streamline your kit. A comb is useful for using on wet hair, ensuring an even distribution of conditioner and a soft finish. They can also be used for a thorough assessment and search, removing any tiny parasites.

Clippers and blades

Clippers are a grooming must-have. Helping to transform weighted down dogs into sleeker, happier pooches. Especially in warmer climates and seasons, being able to skillfully clip a dog’s coat is an essential and highly sought after skill. 

 The Heiniger Saphir Corded Clippers included in our kit are industry renowned for their durable yet lightweight feel. A high quality and powerful clipper with a light cord, making it easy to maneuver around your table. These clippers offer ideal handling and pinpoint precision, and they can even be adapted to become cordless too. 

Also included are the various attachments needed, with the 5 blade head. In our course, you’ll learn how to use these different tools to achieve incredibly personal results for your customers, defining and shaping stylish looks for your four-legged friends and wowing owners everywhere.


Scissors offer the ability to apply those all-important finishing touches. They allow you to perfect the hard to reach areas or small surfaces – on the inside of the hind legs of poodles or on those tufty terrier ears, for example. You can also work around the feet and legs, or in-between paws if they require extra attention. 

The ProGroom Straight Scissors are designed to last, forged from high-grade stainless steel. They offer a smooth cut, excellent precision and a comfortable clasp. 

Also included are the ProGroom 7″ Thinning Shears, which can be used to effortlessly remove weight, and blend a new coat length quickly, smoothly and comfortably.

All Heiniger and ProGroom scissors and shears come in their own long-lasting zip-up case. This means they are protected, safe and secure. Plus they include a cleaning oil tube and cloth, so you can always keep them shining and sharp.

Grooming mask

Most importantly of all, our kit comes with an often-overlooked item: the groomer’s mask. Made of a lightweight, protective gauze material that’s comfortable while offering full coverage. 

A groomer’s mask is essential to filter out those tiny hairs, parasites, dust, and fibres that can fly through the air when you are working. Too much exposure can lead to groomer’s lung, a chronic condition that can affect your long term lung function. So always remember your mask!

We have an exciting array of online animal courses with certificates, including beginners, intermediate and advanced courses for groomers. So whether you are just starting your new career or want to level up your skills (and equipment) there’s a certificate with your name on it!

Our dog grooming certificates come complete with the incredible kit mentioned above. Everything you will need to not only complete the course but wow your new clients too.  

You will gain all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills through this expert-led course, featuring video tutorials with dog grooming pros. They’ll show you the way to master bathing trimming, clipping & the top styling secrets.  

Designed to be a dog grooming course without unsustainable investment, we offer flexible payment plans and learning whenever it suits you. So you can keep the day job while you work on your dream goal. Enrol today – we can’t wait to meet you!


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