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Pandemic proof career choices

A recent survey claims that as many as seven in ten people are more likely to consider working in a different industry, in light of Covid-19. Whilst some may have been forced to make the switch, over half of those who have already changed careers say the move was welcome. So how can we make pandemic-proof career choices for the future?

For many of us, the last year has prompted us to question our work goals. Whether it’s our passion for the role we are in now, or whether we wish to switch careers to secure a brighter future. If you are considering a change or weighing up your options, then read on. 

We’ve rounded up the industries that were most resilient through the pandemic and the areas that have actually grown too, sharing with you insight into the best jobs in New Zealand right now.

Farming and agriculture

Working in the wide-open air is something we’ve all been dreaming of recently! As well as being able to work safely under restrictions, many in the farming & agriculture sector found their revenue either resilient or even increased by as much as 20% during the pandemic. Demand for rural professionals, farm managers, and skilled agricultural sector workers are at a real high. 

Organic and sustainable produce is the largest and the fastest-growing sector of all, most likely driven by a renewed interest in health. This is projected to keep growing at a whopping 12.4% by 2026. 

If you’ve always dreamed of swapping the office for the outdoors, there’s never been a better time to do it. Plus, you can start today with our online short courses. We cover all the essential areas of cattle farming, agribusiness and even have a specialized course on organic farming. Our flexible learning structure means you can gain skills whenever it suits you, so you can join this booming sector while the time is right.


Of course, the busiest sector during the pandemic was medical services. As well as doctors and nurses on the frontline, a whole host of medical personnel and support staff have been working around the clock to manage and maneuver as many of us safely through the last year. Not all heroes wear capes!

Suffice to say, there are plenty of vacancies and lots of room for new talent in the medical sector, even after the pandemic is over. While you may aspire to work in healthcare, studying for a career as a doctor or for a job in nursing can be a lengthy and expensive process – which isn’t for everyone.

But there are a multitude of ways to work in the medical field, that don’t involve wearing a stethoscope but can still make an impact. There are thousands of businesses across the country looking for friendly and professional medical receptionists, for example. This is why our medical reception certificate is a perfect step towards entering this future-proofed sector. Covering essential skills in data entry as well as medical and pharmaceutical terminology, it’s an ideal stepping stone.

If you want to impress in other corporate medical roles, an understanding of project management and leadership is a great way to go. Our course is perfect for those that want to take on management roles, showing your initiative and a host of applicable skills.

Wellness and lifestyle

Already worth a reported $4.5 trillion, the pandemic saw a further surge in the wellness and lifestyle sector. For many, the last year redefined their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. At-home fitness, digital therapy and coaching, nutrition advice – all have seen a rise in demand as those in lockdown sought ways to destress and navigate their new life. If you have always been fascinated by a career helping others with their wellness, now is the time to join!

If you are interested in all aspects of physical health, our online short course in nutrition business is a great jumping-off point. Giving you the fundamentals of how healthy eating and mindful movement can change our outlook and our bodies. 

These could be combined with a coaching certificate or a beginners counselling pathway where you’ll learn the essentials of how human’s think and behave. In practice, these skills can lead to a career helping people make meaningful changes in their life. 

Combining wellness and lifestyle skills offers a 360-degree approach for your client’s, guiding them towards a sense of calm. Helping people feel their best in both body and mind will always be a rewarding and thriving career, pandemic or not!

Animal care

This $131 billion global industry is expected to have a 7% compound annual growth rate over the next five years. Not surprising, considering the rise in pet ownership over the pandemic, as humans turn to our furry friends for help through the tough times. 

Veterinarians experience some of the most stable careers that will always be in-demand. As an essential service, many adapted to treating patients while their owners waited outside during the tightest lockdown restrictions. As life returns to normal, more pet owners mean more vacancies to be filled in this area! Taking our vet assistant course is a streamlined and cost-effective way to work in this fulfilling and future-proofed sector. The ideal starting point for anyone who is looking to work with animals on a professional level.

As the world opens up, many pet care services will find a swift surge in clientele. Training as a dog groomer has never been more ideal, as increased numbers of pets emerge into the world in dire need of some TLC.  With more workers returning to their offices, walkers, training and day-care will see a similar boost. Training in one of our animal care courses will give you the relevant skills to turn your passion for pets into a blossoming career.

So there you have it, some of the best jobs in New Zealand that are actively searching for people like you. These career choices are ready to withstand whatever the future has in store, and sure to be a rewarding way to spend your professional life. 

Studying online is an efficient, flexible and accessible way to start your dream career. Whether you are entering an industry for the first time or making a transition, our friendly team is always on hand to help you get started. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help!


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