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The 6 essential skills needed to become a professional photographer

The world of photography can make for an incredibly creative, exciting and fulfilling career. But running a thriving studio doesn’t come without its challenges, not least to say the competitive nature of the industry. So what skills do budding professional photographers need to stand out? This article will explore the essential skills that are your secret weapon to professional success in the photography industry today!

1. Technical Prowess

The foundation of every professional photography career revolves around mastering the technical equipment. Our online photography courses take students from amateur to professional by covering all the essential knowledge needed to create stunning images. Starting off with the fundamentals of professional technique – including lighting, aperture, shutter speed, composition and colour. Next, all budding photographers need to know about post production. This means getting to grips with software like Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as honing your style as an artist. 

These skills are what separates truly talented photographers from the pack, allowing them to unleash their creative potential. Plus our payment plans include a DSLR camera – so you are ready to start honing your skills straight away.

2. Niche Building

The best photographers focus on their strengths and find where their talents lie. Whether it’s portraits, wildlife, fashion or anything that sparks your inspiration – find it and get practising! That’s why we offer tailored courses on these specialised areas, which give an enhanced understanding of the key knowledge needed to carve out a top spot in the industry.

3. Thinking Outside The Box

The way photography shows up in the world is always changing. Whether it’s quirky pet portraits, creating content for influencers or headshots for LinkedIn profiles – moving with the tide of the business and thinking outside the box is key. The best professional photographers will be able to look at a brief or subject and imagine how to maximize its potential in new and exciting ways. They’ll provide creative and forward-thinking ideas from client briefs. Therefore, constant learning, either through exhibitions, talks, workshops or brushing up your skills with online photography courses in New Zealand is never a bad idea. 

4. Interpersonal Skills

People skills are incredibly important as a photographer. You will be dealing with clients directly, as well as the subjects you photograph, on a daily basis. So being able to inspire confidence, trust and warmth is a fantastic way to set your skills apart and elevate your subject matter too. Whether that’s understanding an animal’s natural habitat, how to put a portrait client at ease, or understanding what your client wants their product to look like.  Clients, models and even large corporations tend to work with and recommend people that they enjoy spending time with. If you want to level up your client interactions, you could always enrol on our Professional Communication course. 

5. Comprehensive Business Skills

This might come as a shock, but since a professional photographer is almost always self-employed, understanding the intricacies of running a business is incredibly important. Often overlooked, being able to manage your studio as efficiently as any other business is a key component that distinguishes great photographers from the crowd. We put 15 years of expert experience into our online Photography Business Course, specifically to help our students shine. Teaching the all-important skills of maintaining a professional portfolio, negotiating costs and presenting the perfect sales pitch!

6. Marketing Mastery

In a similar vein, marketing has never been more accessible and more important. Reaching new clients and maintaining an online presence is what sets successful studios apart. But the most effective ways to market have changed dramatically since the rise of social media. That’s why we include social media marketing training on our Photography Business Course, so that you know exactly how to reach those potential customers, and they get to see how incredible your talents are!

If you want to start your creative career in capturing wildlife, bridal portraits or fashion shoots – you can gain all these essential skills with online study in New Zealand.

We have changed the landscape for how to learn professional photography, by providing accessible and affordable courses specifically designed to help you hit the ground running. So anyone can learn, no matter where you are starting from!

With payment plans that include a DSLR camera and 24-hour course availability, you can start building your career today. Learning whenever it suits you, our online photography courses make sure you have the best possible skills for a successful start in the exciting world of photography.


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