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I owe a lot to Learning Online

I owe a lot to Learning Online, they reminded me and continue to remind me why I love to learn. I graduated high school at the end of 2019 less than satisfied with my performance. having been rather ill for my last two years of high school I did not perform to the beast of my ability. I left feeling deflated and overwhelmed, I knew I wanted to work with animals and that my dream career would be in vet nursing, but I thought that would be out of reach for me as I didn’t even have an ATAR score. After coming across learning online by accident I was very intrigued by a service that isn’t overpriced and was delivering courses that truly sparked my interest and that offered such dedicated support. I will admit I was sceptical at first, but I’m thrilled to say that Learning online is an incredible learning resource. It is completely affordable with no hidden fees, the tutors are kind, dedicated and thorough, always giving helpful feedback. I have finished my first-course’ Animal Disease’. I’m currently finishing ‘Animal Health Care’ and I can not wait to start my third and final course ‘animal welfare’. I am now excited about education again and currently seeking volunteer work in animal care before hopefully going to study at Tafe to become a completely qualified Veterinary nurse – thank you Learning Online, it is truly a pleasure to study with you


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