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Bridget Blair

Dog Care

Doing the short course on Dog Care was incredibly rewarding and exciting to learn. The course content is so informative so you really learn a lot from the lessons and having activities at the end of each lesson was a major help because it allows you to really research on your own, meet some people in the industry and just really helps you get out there and learn about the dog care industry first hand whilst building relationships with people that might be beneficial someday! The tutors are a great help and very friendly and available whenever assistance is required! They give great feedback on the assessments so any mistakes can easily be researched and rectified. Personally, I’m aiming to pursue a career in veterinary nursing which is what I currently study now. This course helped me have a great introduction to vet nursing whilst focusing on my absolute favourite animal! I learnt so much about my dog Cooper and now after this course can recognise the things he does and why he does them which is great! I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about general Dog Care and any aspect of the industry itself.


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