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12 well-paid work from home jobs

The standard 9 to 5 doesn’t work for everyone. 

Many people choose work from home jobs in order to accommodate other responsibilities. Some want to work from home so they can achieve a better work-life balance. And others just relish the idea of being their own boss! 

Whatever your reason for seeking jobs you can do from home, rest assured that earning a decent salary is perfectly possible. You don’t always have to sacrifice earnings for that extra flexibility. 

To better demonstrate this, here are 12 working from home jobs that have the potential to provide a salary well above the national average.

12 jobs from home that pay well

Beauty Therapist

If you’re already a beauty therapist, switching the salon for a home-based business is a great way to boost your income and your flexibility. 

This is one of those work at home jobs that thrives on good word of mouth. So happy customers often equals a full appointment schedule! As long as you have a home treatment room with all the relevant kit, you’re good to go. 

Graphic Designer

Know your way around Photoshop? Businesses are always on the lookout for designers who can create logos, websites and promotional content that successfully communicates their brand image. A degree or certification in this field will help you to reach higher rates of pay. 

Virtual Tutor

Teach students from around the world by becoming a home-based virtual tutor. You’ll often need some form of teaching qualification, plus access to a laptop and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. 

But if you tick those boxes, you can spend your days tutoring students in your subjects of expertise, helping them prepare for exams or improve their English language skills. 

Event Planner

Got great organisational skills? And an eye for detail? You could set up a home-based business working as an event planner. 

You’ll spend your time planning weddings, birthdays or corporate events. And whilst some travel to venues or clients will be necessary, the majority of the organisation can be done from home. 

Life Coach

A life coach supports clients with their personal and professional issues. They help clients to overcome obstacles and work towards their goals. Depending on your experience in the field, you can earn an impressive hourly rate for supporting and motivating your clients in their plans for the future. 


Put your culinary skills to good use as a caterer, providing food for events like corporate lunches, birthday celebrations and private dinner parties. Check with your local authority as to the licenses and accreditations you need. Then transform your home kitchen into your business base!

Web Developer

Web developers are in constant demand. They build websites, create apps and update existing sites to improve their functionality. If you’ve got a head for code, this is a very lucrative job to do from home. Just market your skills online and the work is sure to start flooding in. 

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers help people to achieve their fitness goals. They might do this in a local park, a nearby gym or in their own home. A spare room or garage can be converted into a mini-gym and provide a great place for you and your clients to workout. 

Virtual Assistant

In a digital world, working remotely is becoming ever easier. You can keep in touch with colleagues and clients anywhere around the world. 

As a freelance virtual assistant you might perform administrative tasks for a number of different clients. You might respond to customer emails, update a company’s social media accounts or provide bookkeeping support. 

Pet Groomer

Love animals? Then why not set up as a work from home pet groomer? This isn’t the highest paid job on the list but in terms of job satisfaction, it’s up there with the best!

Create a pet salon at home and clients can bring their furry friends to you. You could even go one step further, offering dog walking or dog sitting services too. 

Grant writer

Non-profit organisations often apply for funding. To do this, they enlist the help of specialised grant writers. These writers either have a qualification or a good level of grant writing experience.  

Once hired, grant writers create funding applications that are factual, persuasive and incredibly detailed. It’s complex but rewarding work; as a grant writer you earn a living helping good causes receive the funding they need. 


Nutritionists know all about the science of food and nutrition. They help their clients to achieve their health goals by advising them on the food they eat and developing appropriate meal plans. 

Get qualified and create a consultation room at home, and this is another home-based job that promises to more than pay the bills. 

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