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What do project managers do?

Are you a task-oriented person? Do you enjoy working in teams, and find you naturally straddle personality types? Do you enjoy nothing more than the feeling of completing something?

Then Project Management might be a role you could shine in. 

But what does a project manager really do? How much could you earn? And which online project management course is the best?

Let’s find out!

What is a project manager?

Project managers (PMs) oversee a ‘project’ from start to finish. They manage its entire life cycle, ensuring everyone who is working on the project stays on a timeline, that the work completed fits the brief and that the end product is delivered on time and on budget. 

For this reason, project managers are an integral part of many large businesses and span almost all industries – including Software, Fintech, Construction, Creative, Marketing & Advertising. Where there are projects to be done, you’ll find project managers!

What do project managers do?

To achieve success, a project manager must communicate with teams, higher management and clients, and determine the scope and timeline for a project. They will then draw up a plan, a budget and a timeline.

They may complete tasks themselves, delegate tasks to team members or freelancers and supervise the project’s construction overall. 

While each PM will work differently depending on their role, their current project and their specific industry, most will employ the same skills daily. These include:

  • Transcribing ideas into tangible projects
  • Creating plans and timelines
  • Building teams, or liaising with existing teams
  • Drawing up budgets
  • Assigning tasks and tracking the progress of these tasks
  • Laying out streamlined workflows and processes
  • Defining goals and milestones
  • Reporting progress and analysing output

A day in the life of a project manager

To put this into a clearer perspective, let’s look at a day in the life of a project manager. 

Morning Review: 

Most PMs will start the day by reviewing any new communications from their clients and teams, especially if they are working across time zones. They will use this to formulate a strategy for the day, as well as update their progress trackers with any updates on a project’s timeline. 

Calls & Meetings:

Calls and meetings can take up a big part of a project manager’s day, as they are the go-between for all levels of interest in the project. They may have individual meetings with a freelancer or team member about their responsibilities or any roadblocks they have encountered, be bringing the whole team together to discuss the project together, or they may be speaking to clients about current progress. 

After every meeting, a PM will usually log notes and update any relevant timelines or tasks. They make sure that nothing is missed.

Admin & Task Duty:

When they are not on calls, a PM will usually attend to their personal tasks. Whether it’s drawing up a budget, assessing new team members or completing a report. 

The Wrap Up:

At the end of a workday, you’ll typically find project managers reviewing their day. They’ll update any tasks and timelines with the day’s work, and send any message that needs to be sent before logging off. This morning and evening review is a fantastic way to stay on top of projects, allowing nothing to be missed.

What skills do project managers need?

Soft skills

Becoming a PM means taking on an extremely communicative role. You’ll be working in a people-facing role relaying information to clients, as well as checking in on team members regularly. This means you’ll need to understand how to get the best work from your team, deal with all kinds of personality types and remain calm and professional during any stressful interactions. People will look to you as a leader, so it’s important to ensure your soft skills are ready! 


Projects don’t always go smoothly, and being able to pivot your approach and adapt to new directions is a key part of this role. You’ll need to be able to let go of ideas and drop tasks quickly if needed, and redirect in a smooth and efficient way. 

Attention to detail

Being able to pick up on small fixes & little tasks that could be missed is crucial to successful project management. Being able to see problems quickly and address them, as well as returning adequate and detailed feedback when needed. 

Technical Prowess

Managing large teams and several projects requires both a foundation in management and administration systems & the lexicon of your industry. To be able to hit the ground running, use abbreviations fluently and allow for the smooth running of the tasks is fundamental to your success as a PM. To acquire these skills, you’ll need to complete a project management course. 

What does a project manager earn?

A starting salary for a PM is around $50,000, rising to an average wage of around $90,000 once experienced. The most experienced project managers can earn upwards of $160,000.

Want to become a project manager?

If you think that project management could be the perfect role for you, you’ll need to complete some prior training to maximise your chances of gaining an entry-level role. Due to the lucrative rewards, this can be an extremely competitive role, so having the right qualifications on your CV will set you apart.

Our online management courses are some of the most comprehensive and specific ways you can achieve your project management career goals. Specifically created by leading industry professionals, our course will prepare you with a strong foundation of technical skills, and elevate your expertise above other candidates.

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