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What animal courses can I study to receive a certificate?

Do you have a passion for animals? Have you ever considered studying for a career with animals, but you’re unsure where to begin? Then good news! We have an array of courses available to animal lovers who would like to deepen their knowledge and better understand how to care for cute critters. 

Whether you have an affinity for dogs, a love of horses, a curiosity for reptiles or a bond with all animals – there’s a course here for you. And the benefits are countless: you can learn more about how to care for your own pets, begin your own animal-related business or even develop skills to secure work in animal welfare, conservation or clinical care. 

Regardless of what role you choose to pursue, a career with animals promises to be a fulfilling and fun one! But what online animal courses with certificates are best for you? Let’s take a deep dive and look at the courses of online study New Zealand has to offer, where animals take the spotlight.

Animal studies / Animal care / Animal welfare

If you’re looking for an introduction to courses of animal study, look no further. For those who feel passionate about supporting animal rights but aren’t sure where to begin, certificates in Animal Studies, Animal Care or Animal Welfare are ideal.

These courses focus on animal wellbeing and the assessment of conditions animals are kept in. They’re a great lead-in to learn about managing animal behaviour and rehabilitation too.

Dog grooming courses / Dog training and obedience

Are dogs your best friend? Do you dream of spending your days working alongside these loyal companions? If so, a certificate in Dog Grooming or in Dog Training and Obedience could be right for you. 

Dog Grooming in particular is a thriving and lucrative industry, especially given the rise in pet ownership over the past two years. A dog grooming business could be a wonderful supplement to your day job, or you could even make it a full time business! 

With My Learning Online, you learn all the basics of the products, tools and maintenance involved to be a professional dog groomer. You’ll become familiar with the terminology of dog grooming and the breeds that require advanced attention. You’ll also learn how to market your business online to get and retain customers!

Vet assistant / Wildlife vet assistant

With our Vet Assistant courses, you can receive a certificate for both general veterinary assistance or specialised wildlife vet assistance. You’ll learn animal healthcare, first aid and rehabilitation with this course of study – essential knowledge if you want to pursue a role in a veterinary clinic. 

For wildlife specialists, you’ll bring together the fields of healthcare and conservation, gaining a wide-view of the challenges facing animals and professionals in these areas of animal welfare study. What’s not to love?!

Equine studies / Care / Business & horse breeding

With our range of certificates in equine studies, equine care or Equine Business, as well as horse breeding, there are several certificate options available to horse-lovers for online study. 

Why not explore a few to see which discipline you like most? You’ll have no problem breaking into the equine space when you’ve shown your dedication to studying these beautiful creatures, with both practical hands-on and more technical skills taught in our courses.

Zoology / Carnivore zoology / Reptile zoology / Primate zoology

Would you like to understand more about animal diseases, behaviour and treatments? Have you ever dreamt of a career as a zookeeper? Perhaps you’d like to work somewhere specialising in exotic or endangered animals or species? Then look no further, because a certificate in Zoology could be just the thing for you. 

If you’re drawn to working with exotic animals or specifically with reptiles or primates, we have specialist zoology certificates available to deepen your knowledge of captive husbandry and how to provide the best care possible in zoo settings for these special creatures. Ready to take a walk on the wild side with us?

Certified courses to work with animals infographic

Wildlife conservation & management / Reptile conservation

If you are passionate about wildlife sustainability, our wildlife and reptile conservation courses are perfect for you! These comprehensive online certificates have been designed by industry professionals who offer a deep and thorough behind-the-scenes insight into this meaningful area of animal care. They’ll provide all you need to know to build your foundational knowledge of conservation practices, setting you up to explore a variety of career options related to animal conservation. 

Whether you’d like to specialise in reptiles or gain a good base with a general Wildlife Conservation course is up to you! Can you think of studying anything more worthwhile or purposeful?

Bird care

If bird watching is your thing, or you’re thinking of getting a pet bird – why not take a certificate in Bird Care? You can learn all about different birds, from small native and exotic species all the way up to large flightless birds. 

Providing a detailed insight into everything feathery, this certificate also teaches bird behaviour and training, bird watching and biology. You’ll learn about housing, feeding and breeding birds and get to know about their feed and nutrition.

It’s time to spread your wings and develop your passion for our gravity-defying companions!

Cat care and training

Do you love our feline friends? Are you an unashamed crazy cat person? Then you’ll definitely love our Cat Care and Training course, which offers an in-depth look at feline behaviour, illness, nutrition, breeding and kitten care in our Cat Care module. Plus, you’ll be able to further your understanding of your mysterious moggie in the second module, based on Cat Psychology and Training! 

Understanding cat behaviour, cat senses and basic and obedience training will have you well on your way to opening your cat-centred business if that’s what’s for you. Or if you’d simply love to be able to better care for and enrich the life of your own cat, then this course can help develop your relationship and bond with our feline kings and queens.

Marine studies

Does the big blue ocean fascinate you? Then why not complete a certificate in Marine Studies. Sharks, dolphins, whales and turtles – the ocean environment is so richly diverse, mysterious and magical that you won’t be able to help but fall in love with everything contained within its fathomless depths.

In our course in Marine Studies, you’ll be able to learn both where marine life comes from and also how we as human beings can work to conserve and protect our oceans. If you’re interested in studying Marine Biology at university or looking for entry level jobs in this area, this certificate is a great and affordable place to start.

Online Learning New Zealand

It’s clear that the growing global pet and animal care industry can offer a rewarding career. Certificate studies in your particular area of interest can help you take an active step to securing a career working with animals. You may decide to continue to up-skill in one specialist area, or perhaps sample multiple courses in animal welfare or behaviour studies. The possibilities are endless!

Do you dream of beginning your career with animals? Interested in further study? Look no further!

Take a look through our catalogue of animal care online learning courses here and take the first step in building the career of your dreams today! Or why not speak to a friendly team member who can answer any more questions you might have?

Whatever your decision, we’re excited to see what impact you make on the lives of animals in New Zealand and beyond!


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