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How to turn a passion for dogs into a dog training career

As the saying goes, do something you love and work really doesn’t feel like work at all! If you have a passion for dogs, a career in dog training could be a real dream come true.

As a dog trainer, you get to work with dogs every day, helping pets and their owners to live happily and healthily together.

But what does a dog training career actually involve? How do you become a dog trainer? And what online animal care courses provide the best foundation to work from?

Here’s everything you need to know about building a rewarding dog training career:

What does a dog training career involve?

As a dog trainer you can expect to:

  • Run dog training classes, passing your knowledge of dog behaviour onto dog owners
  • Do home visits, working with dogs and owners one on one
  • Train dogs for specific roles such as search and rescue, law enforcement, television or therapy
  • Help dogs demonstrating difficult behaviour, such as aggression, hyperactivity, separation anxiety or biting
  • Use your understanding of why a dog behaves in a certain way – taking into account different breeds, environments and experiences – to create a treatment plan

No two days are the same. As a dog trainer, you meet new people and new dogs every day!

Lots of dog trainers are self-employed. Or they might work for a small dog training business. You also find dog trainers working in collaboration with veterinarians, dog shelters and dog groomers.

Who should consider a career with dogs?

You may love dogs. But do you have the right personality type to really thrive in a dog training role?

Training dogs usually means teaching people to better manage the behaviour of their dogs. So you have to be a people person as well as a dog person.

You should be kind, caring and a good communicator. You should also have a good level of patience. Being able to work with lots of different people and lots of different dogs is a vital part of the role.

Another key personality trait associated with great dog trainers? Inquisitiveness. You need to find out why a dog behaves in a certain way.

To achieve this, and find the best solutions for dogs and their owners, you’ll need to enjoy using your powers of observation and investigation.

How do you become a dog trainer?

You don’t need any particular qualifications to become a dog trainer. But getting experience and training in the field can make it much easier to find that all-important first role.

Here are a couple of ways to develop your knowledge of dog care and dog training when you’re starting out:


Get as much experience working with dogs as you can. You could volunteer at your local dog shelter. Or find out if local veterinarian surgeries or dog kennels are looking for interns.

Nothing beats real-world, hands-on practice with lots of different dogs.

Do your research

Get online and you’ll find lots of information on dog training and dog behaviour. It’s a good idea to read up on the subject as much as possible.

New research is being published all the time. When you’re up to date with the latest ideas and trends in the industry, you’ll make a great impression on potential employers or clients.

Visit a dog training class

Getting to see a dog training class from the perspective of a student can be really eye-opening. Enrol your own pooch – if you have one – and get useful insight into what it involves.

Attend an animal care course

The best thing you can do if you want to embark on a career in dog training? Get relevant training.

Attend an animal care course where you can learn from industry pros and develop practical skills. This will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take your first steps into a dog training career.

What dog course can I take online?

Decided that a dog training course is the right first step for you? But wondering how a course will fit in with your day to day life?

It’s possible to study online animal care courses, like those at Learning Online.

Enrol on a dog training course and you’ll gain the knowledge you need to progress in your career. But you’ll do all of your learning from home, making it a really flexible and convenient option.

Our Dog Care and Dog Training certificate covers everything you need to know about dogs – including breeding, health, nutrition, canine biology and behavioural problems.

What’s more, the course has been designed by experts working within the industry – so you can be sure of getting the latest and most relevant training around.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Dog Care and Dog Training course, download the brochure today. Then get ready to turn your passion into a career you’ll love!


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