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The most in-demand jobs of 2021 (and beyond!)

When choosing a career, or deciding it’s time to switch lanes, it’s useful to know what in-demand jobs are out there. Understanding the skills and knowledge that companies and customers are actively looking for, now and into the future, can give you the kickstart you need to make those big decisions. Because guess what, they’re waiting for you!

So what are they looking for? As the world moves towards using machines, cities keep growing, values are changing and everyone wants to know the secrets of health and happiness. With all this in mind the job market for 2021 – and beyond – has some interesting & in-demand careers waiting for you. Ready to jump in?

Let’s break down the skills people are searching for and the online courses that can help you fill the gap.

1. Healthcare Support

With a growing and aging population worldwide, New Zealand won’t be the only country seeing its citizens investing in their healthcare. 

Always a fast-growing industry, healthcare shows no signs of slowing in the next 10 years. Working in healthcare support will provide no shortage of opportunities.

As well as doctors and nurses, a growing number of practices means more demand for front-of-house staff. Roles like medical receptionists are going to need to keep pace! Our Medical Reception Certificate is perfect for those who have a passion for healthcare, and want to start a long-term career in this rewarding field, without years of medical school first.

2. Pet care

After a huge surge in pet ownership, due to the pandemic’s effect shifting work patterns and priorities, it’s safe to say the demand for care services for these furry friends is set to grow. If you’ve been thinking about a career change, now’s the time to make that move!

All those new additions to the family will need walking, training, feeding, grooming and bundles of care. And lots of these families are going to need a helping hand – especially when life returns to a faster pace.

Our extensive animal care course selection is the perfect place to start. Whether it’s grooming, caring for gorgeous felines or running your dream dog training business – we’ve got you covered. 

3. Nutritionists

As well as caring for our pets, the concept of caring for ourselves has never been more important. An increased understanding of our food’s role in health and wellbeing, plus the pandemic’s effect on daily life, means interest and investment in nutrition has never been more in demand.

Learn how to create a career out of your passion for healthy living, with our Nutrition Business Certificate. Designed to teach you the fundamentals of healthy eating, writing diet plans and customising projects for clients, you’ll learn about the way certain foods influence energy levels, fats and muscles. Plus, we include small business training and marketing for Facebook and Instagram too!

4. Mental Health Services

After a difficult year for many, the importance of mental wellbeing has been made clear. Counsellors, therapists and other mental health specialists were more in demand than ever before, helping those who felt isolated, worried and concerned. Reflected in the data too, LinkedIn saw a hiring growth rise of 24% in this sector. 

With roles ready to be filled, see if you could make a difference in people’s lives with a Counselling Pathway Course – designed as the first step on your journey towards becoming a mental health professional. Offering invaluable experience and foundational knowledge to help you understand the role, and secure a coveted place on a training course.

5. Coaching professionals

With such big global shifts in 2020, many felt ready for a change in their own lives too. As people were faced with more time by themselves, so many of us felt called to re-evaluate our direction. So it’s no surprise that roles for coaching professionals, who specialise in personal or professional transformation, grew by a staggering 51% in 2020. 

If you feel you could be the guiding force for clients looking to start a new journey, you can start your coaching career with us today. 

One of our most popular small business courses, the Life Coaching, Health & Wellbeing Certificate, is specifically designed to give you the skills you will need to either run your own business or work for a company in the space of life coaching.

6. Education

Sharing knowledge has changed rapidly in the last few years. As well as a high demand for teachers who can shape our future workforce, newfound and much-needed perspectives on politics, social justice, psychology and wellbeing are filling up search engines. 

Traditional teaching roles, plus support workers and tutors, grew in demand by 20% last year. Content creators were being searched for frequently too – as the world turned online during lockdowns. Sharing knowledge in new formats, these communication content roles grew by 49%. In the wake of changing perspectives and protests, a huge 90% increase in diversity educators was also seen. 

The common thread? Interpersonal skills. Being able to engage an audience, whatever their age, and break down complex information in a warm and relatable manner is something Artificial Intelligence is a long way from. Meaning it’s a long-term skill that can be incredibly rewarding for your career prospects. Our Professional Communication Course will help you master these skills and put you in good stead to start maximising these educational opportunities. 

7. Project managers

Responsible for the planning, implementation and success of a wide array of creations, working in the project management field is a varied and exciting career. And it’s in demand too. By 2027, the sector is projected to grow by 33%, that’s around 22 million new jobs! 

As the pandemic forced organisations to go remote, these flexible working models are looking more popular. With more loose ends to tie, teams spread across the globe and schedules becoming fluid, project management has never been more important. 

As one of our short business courses, the Project Management & Leadership Certificate is the perfect jumping-off point. Learn how to manage and support a team, plan and implement a project and work with all kinds of personalities – so you can go out and get the experience to start your project management pathway.

2021 presents opportunities to turn your career into an exciting future, with so many in-demand jobs to choose from. We some of the best online learning in New Zealand, so you can get ready to start your new path with us today. With flexible learning available 24 hours a day and affordable payment plans, there’s nothing standing in your way. What are you excited to start learning?


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