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The eight types of photography

Camera phones have created a world where snapping a pic has become a typical part of life. We want to document and remember special moments spent with friends and family, whether it’s a holiday, important life milestone, social event or just a really good looking plate of food. 

Maybe you’re in the beginning stages of mastering photography and you’d love to learn more, but you’re not sure where to begin. Or perhaps your friends have applauded your skill at finding the perfect angle for that social media pic, and you want to take this talent to the next level. Whatever your reason, something has sparked your interest in photography – but have you ever considered picking up a professional camera and pursuing photography as more than a hobby…potentially as a new career? 

If so, exploring your creativity with our photography courses online could be for you. As an intro to the stunning world of snapping photos, why don’t we take a close-up look into the art of photography, starting out with the basics – the eight different types of photography you need to know about!

Landscape photography

Have you ever looked at a photograph of a stunning location and felt as if you were transported there? That’s landscape photography at its finest! In capturing the mood, setting and feeling in a location, we get a sense of the photographer’s (and our) connection to a place. 

Landscape photography can be of nature or an urban setting. Capturing the world in all its glory, it’s the art of reproducing a scene to create a dramatic still. Better yet, it’s also a potentially lucrative area of photography; with landscape images, you can choose to convert these photos into print and sell them online, or even potentially sell your images to stock image sites. 

By using social media to share and gain more work, there’s never been a better time to grow following or obtain exposure as a landscape photographer.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is all about capturing the essence of the person on the other side of the lens. The aim of a portrait photograph is to illustrate the character of the subject, giving a feel for their personality and identity. 

When taking a portrait, the pose of the subject as well as the lighting and background, are all important factors. These considerations will either enhance or dull the facets of personality you’re trying to make the focus of the image, and can also impact the professionalism and quality of your photography. 

Portrait photos are commonly used as personal branding, in beauty brand campaigns, in family portraits or simply as street photography. If you love taking photos of yourself, your friends, family members or even strangers as you sit people watching, then portrait photography may be a discipline you’d love to specialise in!

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Aerial photography

For fans of gadgets and more adventurous spirits, aerial photography is a growing field that holds heaps of potential and exciting creative opportunities. Drones, helicopters, hot air balloons and aeroplanes are typically used to capture aerial photographs. By fixing a camera to these objects, the photographer has remote control of the images being taken in real time, and the elevated vantage point also means that photos can be captured on both a small or large scale. 

However, there are a couple of additional factors to take into account with aerial photography. With this kind of photography, the weather can have a deciding impact on whether or not a shoot can go ahead. There can also be location regulations on this type of photography, depending on the airborne route of the device the camera is fixed to.

In other words, don’t go steering your drone into regulated air spaces just to capture that stunning photo!

Wedding photography/event photography

Event photography is the art of capturing special moments from occasions like private parties and small or large public, social gatherings. Wedding photography, an essential part of any big day, is a specialism within event photography itself. 

Commemorating the most important day in many people’s lives, wedding photography documents all kinds of activity surrounding the occasion – with both candid and posed photos captured throughout the day. 

The great news is wedding photographers are in consistently high demand throughout the year, potentially providing a steadier income stream than other photography disciplines may. Indeed, as large-scale public and corporate events slowly return to their normal schedule following the pandemic, there is renewed demand for event photography. 

So if you’re the kind of photographer who absolutely adores capturing laughter, love and general good times, then wedding or event photography could be perfect for you.

Fashion photography

When you think of the world of fashion, the flash of a camera is not far behind. Fashion photography typically involves photographers shooting professional models in a range of carefully curated clothes and accessories, in locations around the world, with these images used in advertising campaigns, catalogues, magazines and digital media. 

However, fashion photography itself can be broken down further into the disciplines of general fashion, lifestyle, beauty and glamour, with nuances to each. Yet what remains consistent is that fashion photographers are typically adept at directing models, collaborating closely with designers and working to capture images that are both aspirational and artistic.

If you’re the kind of individual who loves the world of fashion and is drawn to beautiful images, then cultivating a career in fashion photography is a must!

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Travel photography

Travel draws on the best elements of both landscape and portrait photography, unlimited and unconstrained by a single style! It mixes influences, drawing on a subject area’s culture, people, customs, and colours infusing the viewer with a sense of what it is to walk in exotic, exciting and far-flung destinations. 

Travel photography is traditionally associated with the National Geographic magazine, and their website to this day provides tips for capturing the most memorable travel shots. Serendipity is the friend of the travel photographs – when the right photographer and camera meet at the right time and place, magic can happen! 

This photography discipline is best suited to those with a hunger to explore, who have inquisitive minds, and love nothing more than challenging well-worn perceptions and disrupting the traditional view of a country or culture. 

Wildlife photography

Think of wildlife photography and the first animals that spring to mind may be lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) And, depending on the circumstances, this discipline can definitely involve some pulse-pounding encounters…which is a major part of its appeal!

Wildlife photography typically involves shooting any kind of undomesticated animal, usually in their natural habitats, and tends to have a focus on mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. For the best images, a steady hand and a steadier well of patience is a must; as many animals are hyper-aware of potential dangers and nearby predators, wildlife photographers often hunker down in a chosen location, waiting for hours – if not days and weeks – to capture that perfect shot. The occupational hazard here is not getting the shot because your subject bolts before you can get them in focus! 

Wildlife photography encompasses pictures captured at your local zoo through to those from the planes of the African Serengeti. But don’t be intimidated at the prospect of having to travel miles from home to engage in wildlife photography, as nature is all around us and your local wildlife can be a fitting muse. The best news is that wildlife photography can also help raise awareness of conservation efforts – David Attenborough would be proud!

Real estate photography

A consistently in-demand niche and well-paid vocation, real estate photography involves producing beautiful photos to help advertise and (you guessed it) sell houses. Real estate photographers create eye-catching images to generate leads that will ultimately result in sales, capturing the mood and aesthetics of a space in the most attractive manner possible.

Indeed, light and space need to be optimised properly when capturing interior spaces, as otherwise, properties are at risk of appearing cramped, unattractive or even downtrodden. There is a specific skill to mastering the right angle, perspective and composition – all of which is essential to getting a great real estate photo!

In bigger cities, there’s typically more opportunity in this specialism for photographers, thanks to larger supplies of both commercial and residential real estate space for lease and sale. However, don’t be mistaken; whilst this style of photography may appear quite analytical, there is also potential for creativity in how you dress a space and the mood you bring to an image. It’s all about thinking – ahem – outside the box.

Have any of these eight types of photography caught your eye? Are you interested in developing your own skills as a photographer? Then good news!

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