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The best careers for every personality type

Just consider how much of your time will be spent at work. Now, consider the difference between spending that time on a rewarding, fulfilling career you genuinely enjoy, versus one that feels as dull as watching paint dry, every minute of the 9 to 5 dragging like an eternity…

If you’re about to start your search for careers in New Zealand, hold on a minute! Understanding your personality type before you make a career decision can help you to find a job that really fits who you are.

Take this free version of the Myers-Briggs personality test (seen as one of the best personality tests around) and then read on to discover your perfect role.

What are the 8 Myers-Briggs characteristics?

If you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test, you’ll be given a personality type that is represented by four letters. Here are the characteristics each of those letters stands for:

Extrovert or Introvert?

E – Extroverts
Extroverts love nothing more than being amongst a crowd of people. They work at a fast pace, are good at multitasking and enjoy working within a team.

I – Introverts
Introverts prefer to work in quiet spaces, alone or in small groups. They like to give a task their full attention before moving onto something new.

Intuitive or Sensor?

N – Intuitives
Intuitives are big picture people. They’re innovative, they like working with ideas and theories, and they’re good at developing creative solutions to problems.

S – Sensors
Sensors are realists who like to focus on fact and detail. Methodical in their approach, they apply common sense and past experience to find practical routes forward.

Thinker or Feeler?

T – Thinkers
Thinkers are logical decision-makers. Faced with a dilemma, they’ll weigh up the pros and cons and try to be as objective as possible. They enjoy working with people who are honest and fair.

F – Feelers
Feelers are emotional decision-makers who call on their own personal values when faced with a dilemma. They enjoy working collaboratively and are sensitive to the feelings of others.

Judger or Perceiver?

J – Judgers
Judgers are organised and prepared. They prefer a structured work environment. And they don’t mind sticking to the rules.

P – Perceivers
Perceivers are spontaneous characters who don’t like to be pinned down. Instead, they value flexibility and freedom.

The best careers in New Zealand for your personality type

Now you know what your personality type letters represent, let’s find out what that means for your career! Here is every Myers-Briggs personality type and the career that suits them best…

ENTJ – The Director

ENTJ personality types are natural-born leaders, driven to succeed. They’re logical and strategic, which makes them great problem solvers.

Directors are often charismatic and well-liked. But they’re not afraid of conflict, especially if a team member isn’t as organised and efficient as they are themselves.

Your perfect career: Executive

INTJ – The Intellectual

INTJ personality types are creative perfectionists. They usually like working independently and prefer being able to do things their own way.

Careers that involve a lot of autonomy and logical thinking make a great fit.

Your perfect career: Microbiologist

ENFJ – The Communicator

ENFJ personality types are charismatic and inspiring. They have great empathy and love working within a team.

Communicators enjoy being expressive and logical. And they are exceptionally good at talking and sharing ideas with others.

Your perfect career: HR manager

INFJ – The Idealist

INFJ personality types are usually quite reserved. But they’re also very gentle and sensitive to the feelings of others. Idealists value integrity and you’ll often find them in creative, expressive roles.

Your perfect career: Photographer

ENTP – The Debater

ENTP personality types are intelligent and curious. They’re able to take risks and can be very persistent when they put their mind to something.  

The best careers for Debaters provide a challenge. They require creative, big picture thinking and lots of problem solving. 

Your perfect career: Lawyer

INTP – The Scientist

INTPs are innovative and curious. They like working independently and coming up with creative ideas to solve complex problems.

For Scientists, careers in New Zealand that involve the precise application of logic and theory are particularly ideal.

Your perfect career: Computer programmer

ENFP – The Champion

ENFP personality types are curious about the world around them and often inspire others with their insight and enthusiasm. Champions are also confident and creative, and love sharing their innovative ideas with others.

Your perfect career: Nutritionist

INFP – The Mediator

INFPs are kind and compassionate, with strong personal values. They’re sensitive, idealistic people who enjoy helping others.

In their work, Mediators are able to find patterns and connections that other people might struggle to spot. And they know just the questions to ask to move a project along.

Your perfect career: Counsellor

ESTJ – The Manager

ESTJ personality types pride themselves on their organisational skills. These guys are practical and quick to make decisions. They also tend to be results-driven and able to implement plans well. This all helps to make them great team leaders.

Your perfect career: Project manager

ISTJ – The Auditor

ISTJ personality types are practical, logical and reliable. Working methodically, with facts and concrete ideas, is their preference. And they value order too. Auditors tend to work incredibly hard, taking their responsibilities and commitments very seriously.

Your perfect career: Accountant

ESFJ – The Caregiver

ESFJs are sociable and caring. They’re motivated to help others and tend to choose jobs where they act as a caregiver or peacemaker. People within this group are often practical and like a predictable routine.

Your perfect career: Teacher

ISFJ – The Protector

ISFJ personality types are warm, well-grounded and dedicated to their work. They like providing a service to others without necessarily being in a leadership role. And they enjoy being able to work in a methodical way.

Your perfect career: Medical secretary

ESTP – The Problem Solver

ESTPs love excitement and are always at their best in a crisis. They’re perceptive, intelligent and full of energy. But they’re also very pragmatic and resourceful.
These characters prefer jobs that involve an element of risk. And roles where doing rather than theorising is the focus.

Your perfect career: Police detective

ISTP – The Technician

ISTP personality types are practical and innovative, straightforward and honest. They tend to be quiet within a group. But when they speak up they always have something valuable to say.

Your perfect career: Civil engineer

ESFP – The Entertainer

ESFPs are gregarious and enthusiastic. They value common sense and love roles that allow them lots of interaction with others. Full of energy and usually very positive, Entertainers enjoy creativity and the freedom to be a little spontaneous from time to time.

Your perfect career: Event planner

ISFP – The Artist

ISFPs are friendly, charismatic and sensitive to the needs of others. Nevertheless, they like to work within their own space and to their own schedule.

Artists seek harmony and hate conflict. They also enjoy jobs where they can help people in tangible ways.

Your perfect career: Forest ranger

We hope discovering a little more about your personality type helps you to find your perfect career in New Zealand!

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