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Could not be happier

On the 31st of December 2019, I enquired about the learning online eyelash extension course, I then received a call from a guy called Juan on the 2nd of January, he ran me through the course so clearly that I genuinely didn’t have any questions or concerns. On that same day, I had received a phone call from a different company about the same course and instead of them explaining it in a bit more depth they just asked me what payment plan I’d rather. Juan made me feel like he actually cared about helping me achieve my goals and he proved that by also giving me the opportunity to fill in from a student that had recently decided to drop the eyelash lift and tint course as well as eyebrow wax and tint, this to me was an opportunity of a lifetime. The courses that I am currently enrolled in go into such great depth of the subject, I’ve already learned so much, these courses fit in perfectly with my schedule as I’m 15 years old working 2 jobs full time and I can just do a bit of studying here and there when I do have time off work. I could not have asked for a better person to have called me about this course, I am so so grateful for the opportunity Juan has given me, thank you so much again.


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