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Excellent Course & Amazing Help Provided

I decided myself and my dog, Mia would benefit hugely if I did a dog grooming course. The team at Leaning Online has the best grooming course. I have been finding so many areas of the course so helpful. Everything is explained in detail and our course hosts explain everything correctly and explain why it’s important to do certain things. I wanted to do this just to groom my own Toy Poodle, but I’m happy that once I finish (and I’m very close to the end) then I will be able to help friends. You’re also provided with the tools you need to do your grooming and I can honestly say that their grooming kit is greater than others I have tried. I have been really enjoying the grooming course and I feel that I am part of a larger family, not just a student. The team are always very helpful, no matter what the problem you might have, don’t hesitate to let them know. Mia and I are so glad to have been doing this course and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to groom professionally or if you just want to do it for your own dogs and save yourself money. You’ll love it, just like I have 💖


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