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Dog Care & Training

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2 subjects made up of 25 lessons. The amount of study time required to complete this course is approximately 200 hours of study.



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Do you dream about working with dogs? Are you passionate about the wellbeing of dogs and love the idea of building a career around these four-legged friends? Then our Dog Care and Dog Training course is ideal for you!

In this course, you will learn everything from the domestication of dogs, alpha theory & dominance, instinctive behaviours, dog disorders & phobias, common behaviours & influencing factors, core training techniques, specialist training dependent on breeds, different dog-related industries, essential dog care practices… plus much more.

If you are enthusiastic about building your knowledge of dogs and developing your expertise to kick-start a career surrounded by these adorable furry faces, this certificate is the perfect place to start!

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Course Outline

Module 1 – Dog Psychology and Training

  • Unit 1 – Domestication of Dogs
  • Unit 2 – Behavioural Theories
  • Unit 3 – Physical Components
  • Unit 4 – Behavioural Characteristics
  • Unit 5 – Development and Disorders
  • Unit 6 – Common Behaviours
  • Unit 7 – Fearful and Aggression
  • Unit 8 – Training
  • Unit 9 – Training Processes, Procedures and Techniques
  • Unit 10 – Training Commands
  • Unit 11 – Control
  • Unit 12 – Specialist Training
  • Unit 13 – Sensory Specialists
  • Unit 14 – Industries

Module 2 – Dog Care

  • Unit 1 – Dog Care
  • Unit 2 – Reproduction
  • Unit 3 – Breeding
  • Unit 4 – Nutrition
  • Unit 5 – Breed Specifications
  • Unit 6 – Considerations and Decisions
  • Unit 7 – Health Management
  • Unit 8 – Behavioural Management
  • Unit 9 – Professional Services
  • Unit 10 – Careers and Professional Industries
  • Unit 11 – Scope of Dog Industries
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