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How to restore your focus post pandemic

Post pandemic brain fog has left a lot of people feeling like they can’t concentrate after covid. Our way of life and work has been uprooted and disturbed, which we are now realising has taken a significant toll on our mental health. Pandemic brain has hit us hard, and you may now feel that you are scrambling to regain the focus you had before the world went topsy turvy.

In regards to our professional lives, the way we work has been completely turned on its head. Many of us suddenly found ourselves working from the kitchen table with little to no human interaction for months on end. This disturbance has left our confidence and social skills a little worse for wear, and we are now trying to pick up the pieces.

Here at My Learning Online, we see the massive impact of the last couple of years and want to offer you a few tips on how to fix pandemic brain going forward.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the steps you can take to kickstart an Animal Care career & explore the ways in which you can get ahead of the game.

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Ways to boost productivity and drive

Some of the most predominant changes to our work lives brought about by the pandemic have been where and how we work. Daily commutes and a workplace shared with colleagues became a thing of the past as we were suddenly left at the mercy of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Humans are sociable creatures by nature and do not cope well when isolated for long periods of time. It can be hard to find motivation and inspiration when left to our own devices for too long and may find ourselves pining to be back in our social bubble, where ideas can bounce and flow with ease. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on ending the dreaded pandemic brain 2022 once and for all:

  • Getting back into a routine – getting yourself back into a regular life/work rhythm is a great start to get your motivation going. Whether you work from home or are now able to head back to a workspace, try implementing a proper morning routine to get yourself up and ready to start the day. The wonders of eating breakfast, sufficient hydration and a quick stretch in the fresh air can do for you is astonishing and will have you feeling more equipped to tackle the day.

    If you are still working from home, perhaps try changing up your working environment. Set up your desk in a different part of the house near natural light and an open window, or maybe even take your whole operation outside into the fresh air. A change of scenery can bring a change of perspective, thus resulting in a surge of inspiration and drive. 
  • Productivity Reminders – lack of concentration and brain fog have become unsuspecting side effects of the pandemic and have left many of us feeling lost and prone to procrastination. Setting yourself small productivity reminders to reach your goals throughout the day will quickly have you feeling that sense of accomplishment that makes our work worthwhile.

    Whether you are a fan of the good old sticky note or prefer to tick things off a virtual list, physically seeing a task you have to complete and then checking it off when it is done is a great way to manage your thoughts when your head starts to feel a little overcrowded. Perhaps try leaving yourself the odd note of encouragement too!
  • Be kind to yourself – we have just been through a global pandemic; the world feels unfamiliar, and we have all just been doing our best to stay afloat. All feelings of confusion and loss, and fear are a completely natural response to what we have just experienced, and it is important to recognise the need to care for ourselves and others in this new world.

    Small acts of self-care go a long way. Taking the time to clean your living space, eat a nourishing meal, partake in meditation or mindfulness or settle down to watch your favourite show are all examples of ways in which to recharge your battery, making the harder days start to seem more manageable. Reaching out to friends and loved ones about your feelings and concerns is a brilliant step in tackling residual feelings of isolation and loneliness leftover from the pandemic.
  • Upskill post covid – even when we love what we do, sometimes we need a reminder of why we started doing it in the first place. Taking a course or workshop, attending a talk or seminar, or even just speaking to your colleagues can help to re-light that fire in your belly that drove you to your work. It is never too late to learn new things about your industry or refresh yourself on the basics, as well as the current climate and avenues that you perhaps hadn’t thought to explore before.
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Looking for a career boost post pandemic?

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Let’s blow that post pandemic brain fog far away!


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