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How much do beauty therapists make in New Zealand?

The beauty industry has a never-ending repertoire of careers to choose from. With new treatments and techniques being created every day, the beauty industry is one that will continue to move onwards and upwards, with jobs always being in high demand.

One of the most popular and well-paid jobs in the beauty sector is that of a beauty therapist. But how do you become one? How much does it all cost? What is the average beauty therapist’s salary? We hear you, and we have the answers!

What do beauty therapists do?

Beauty therapists aid in the aesthetic enhancement and wellbeing of their clients, drawing on a multitude of skills to deliver high-quality beauty treatments. Whether it’s a wedding day or a self-care moment, it is a beauty therapist’s job to make someone feel their best.

It is vital that beauty therapists provide a safe, friendly space in which their clients feel comfortable to relax, and where they trust that they are in good hands. 

It is important to recognise that the job of a beauty therapist goes beyond that of the physical. Beauty treatments are one of the most effective forms of self-care – a refreshing facial or a dazzling manicure can make a world of difference to someone’s confidence and wellbeing. Beauty therapies give us a space to relax and ground ourselves, taking time to be in our bodies and make sure they get some comfort and care amidst the hustle culture of modern-day life.

In recent years, beauty therapies have become possibly the most popular form of self-care there is, and it has been shown that taking the time to focus on and care for ourselves on a regular basis can have an extremely beneficial effect on our mental health. Health Navigator offers further information on forms of self-care and how important it is to take time out to look after ourselves. Each of us is completely individual, and so naturally, our self-care routines will be different – you just have to find what works for you.

Beauty therapy salary

The question we are all desperate to know the answer to – how much is the average beauty therapy salary in New Zealand? 

To ensure fair work, New Zealand’s working legalities outline minimum wage requirements. Due to the varying natures, demands and skill requirements of different careers, each business sector will vary in pay rate, and it is important to get to know your legal rights and entitlements within your chosen industry.

On average, the annual salary of a beauty therapist in New Zealand ranges from $44k – $60k – pretty good, huh? Careers.govt.nz offer further details and information on salary rates within the beauty industry, as well as a full outline and overview of beauty therapy as a career. Whether you are working for an established company or thinking of starting up your own business, looking into beauty therapist wage rates will give you a clear overview of where you stand when it comes to how much money you can earn within your chosen career.

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Training as a beauty therapist

One of the best ways to kickstart your career in the beauty industry is to take a beauty short course. Undertaking structured training will equip you with all the skills and techniques you will need to succeed in your chosen beauty industry career, as well as offering a supportive space to explore your craft and ask questions. 

Here at My Learning Online, our comprehensive beauty courses come with a downloadable brochure with further information about course content, modules and assessments, accessing your learning online and tutor support. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of attainment, adding that touch of impressive professionalism to offer to potential employers.

Choosing to study with My Learning Online will give you 24/7 access to your studies, allowing you the flexibility to work your learning around your schedule and lifestyle.

We also recognise that financing training can seem like an overwhelming task and can often be the reason people choose not to expand their studies. We understand the challenges of navigating tuition and course fees, and so we came up with a solution to make following your dreams that little bit more accessible. We offer an interest-free payment plan where you can pay your fees in instalments, paying a small amount per week, or you can receive a discount if you choose to pay your course fees upfront.

One of the biggest expenses in beauty therapy is the cost of tools and equipment. Our beauty therapy courses online come with a custom-designed kit containing everything you will need to complete your training, sent right to your front door. The kit will have all the necessary gear to give you the best start to your career as a beauty therapist, allowing you to experiment and explore from the comfort of your own home. And you won’t just be learning about the beauty side of things – we will equip you with the knowledge needed to succeed in the business, such as organising appointments, stock orders, salon management, customer rapport and more.

Other careers in beauty therapy

As well as beauty therapy, there are hundreds of jobs within the beauty industry to pick from, each with its own specific skill and technique requirements – there is sure to be something to spark your interest.

We know that choosing from the buffet of beauty therapists’ jobs can feel like an overwhelming task, so here at My Learning Online, we have a clear, informative list of our available courses to make finding the right career for you as easy as pie!

Our courses include:

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