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How do I start a wellness business?

Our lifestyle choices are a huge part of our everyday lives. It’s a form of ritual, a way to feel energised and a way to feel better about ourselves and our surroundings. These days, “wellness” has become the encompassing term for improving our health and happiness through the daily choices we make, the practices we try to make habits & the food we eat. 

And the demand for experts in this field is seeing rapid growth. The global wellness market is valued at more than $1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5 to 10%! Within this sphere, life coaching in particular is seeing a rise in demand, with an estimated market size of $20 billion by 2022. 

Meaning wellness based coaching careers in New Zealand are likely to provide a bustling, secure & rewarding way to work! So if improving your life and the lives of others has always been a passion, now could be the time to take that leap into starting the wellness business you’ve always dreamed of…but how? We are here to help, with our guide to how to start your very own wellness based coaching business, and the online courses to use as your launchpad!

What is life coaching? And how can you create a wellness coaching business?

Wellness to the modern market is not just fitness and nutrition, but also overall physical and mental health and appearance. It encompasses overall health, nutrition, mindset and stress reduction. Finding that inner glow that radiates outwards!

Coaches use their knowledge of nutrition, fitness & mental health to advise clients and customers on all aspects of diet, personal health and inner calm. This can include daily tasks such as:

  • Assessing new clients
  • Designing diet & fitness plans
  • Offering guidance and exercises for stress reduction
  • Teaching coping mechanisms
  • Providing preventative health advice
  • Apply mindset change exercises 
  • Monitoring client progress

Running your own wellness coaching business gives you more flexibility to set your own schedule, and the potential to reach a wider audience. Using your unique knowledge, this could mean you also work on:

  • Managing your social media presence
  • Organising webinars and talks
  • Hosting your own podcast or YouTube channel
  • Running an educational blog

The average life coach’s yearly salary in New Zealand is around $80,000

With the most experienced and in demand coaches earning over 6 figures.

As well as being a well paid career, starting a wellness business is an incredibly rewarding path. By improving the health and happiness of your clients, not only are you empowering individuals to take their wellbeing into their own hands, but you are helping to take the pressure off other parts of the healthcare system too. 

The more people you can reach with your message, the larger your impact will be!

So, how do you start a career in wellness coaching?

In New Zealand, there are no formal requirements for becoming a coach. Some people come to life coaching after another career, or after their own life experiences have led them towards the wellness sector. Life or career experience can certainly be useful for a wellness coaching business, but having the right skills and training is essential. 

Being appropriately educated and certified is crucial to providing the right support and guidance to clients. Plus, those with a specialised coaching certification are much more likely to garner clients than those without any formal qualifications! 

So the right training is one of the most essential steps to starting your dream wellness coaching business. However, a lengthy psychology degree isn’t right for everyone, and often isn’t the most cost effective option for turning your passion into a profitable business. Which is why more and more wellness lovers are turning to online life coaching courses and short business courses to begin their journey.

Our Life Coaching & Health And Wellbeing course has been specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds. Covering all the fundamental knowledge you need to stand above the competition and start a thriving business in this sector. 

One of our most specialised short business courses, you’ll work through 18 key units designed by industry experts. Prepared to give you the skills you need to run a thriving coaching business. You’ll be equipped with a thorough knowledge of fitness, nutrition, stress management & preventative health practices. So you can offer the path to physical and mental well being for your clients

What next?

Once you have the appropriate knowledge at your fingertips, it’s time to start your business! You can use the checklist below as a guide for how to get started:

  • Decide on your business structure – You might want to simply register as self employed, or formally register your business as a company in itself. You can follow the government guidelines for this here
  • Find your niche – It’s a great idea to have a think about where your passion lies in the nutrition sphere, to stake your claim in that area. This will differentiate you from everyone else in the industry and help guide your decisions.
  • Set up an office space – You have a few options here. You could hire an office space by the month and have more control over the environment and decor, or to save money you could hire office space by the hour for when you see clients. Alternatively you could use a space in your own home if that is something that is feasible for you, or even decide to run an entirely digital practice using video calls. 
  • Create your website & social media platforms – Purchasing a domain & getting started with a website and social media platforms will help to get your name and services out into the world.
  • Boost your profile – There are lots of ways to use your new platforms to get clients hearing your name. You could start writing a weekly newsletter, post frequently on your website’s blog, run online challenges with your followers or give free talks in the local area.
  • Set your prices – To determine your initial rates, do a survey of other similar businesses in the area, and find out how much experience they have. The more experience you have, the higher you can set your prices, depningin on the area you are in and the clientele you wish to work with. 
  • Create tailored plans – Using your amazing knowledge, ensure your clients have a positive and life-changing experience with you through their tailored plans. This will enable word of mouth to spread and boost your client enquiries. 
  • Be you – This might be a little cliché, but it really is one of the most important aspects of your wellness coaching business. You! Your life experiences and your skills are what makes your business unique, and bring that into every aspect of your new business. This genuine & authentic passion will give your clients the energy they need to make those all-important changes for their own health and wellness.

We understand that to make the dream of being your own boss come true means that you need the right skills and full support. To help you thrive, our online life coaching business course allows you to study when it suits you, has expert tutor support & comes with an affordable payment plan that works for any budget. Meaning you can even earn while you learn. 

It’s the perfect way to turn that passion for wellbeing into the business you’ve always dreamed of! Join us today and enrol online.


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