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Online learning has been one of the biggest phenomena of the 21st Century. Technology has rapidly advanced and evolved, to the point where most of us have a supercomputer in our back pockets.

Educational environments online became especially popular during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, with teachers and students alike stuck at home without access to face-to-face learning. Being forced to come up with new ways of teaching and learning has revolutionised accessible education, the increase in online resources meaning that students have easy access to educational stimuli, as well as the flexibility to log on at times that suit their schedule.

There are many different facets to completing education, particularly university courses and courses that extend beyond that. Organisation and time management, inspirational and informative resources, as well as access to support are all vital to ensuring you receive the best learning experience possible.

So, we thought we would take you through a couple of ways in which you can support and expand your learning from the comfort of your own home.

And better yet – they’re free!

Organisation and time management

Ah, deadlines. We know them well, and they can come with a looming sense of dread in our study timeline. Managing your time and working out a routine and organisational system that works for you can be extremely beneficial in reducing deadline despair.

Calendars and planners can be amazingly helpful tools in knowing your timeframe for completing modules and assignments, and as a result, reducing study stress. Here are some that we love:

  • Google Calendar – a clear, fun layout where you can add events and daily tasks, with notification reminders and an option to mark your tasks as completed, giving you that ‘ticking it off the list’ sense of satisfaction.
  • StudySmarter – a great way to track your learning progress and keep on top of your work. From daily progress trackers, study planners and reminders keeping you accountable for regular studying and work focus, to quizzes, flashcards, study guides and places to write down all your notes, this app will be your right-hand man when it comes to managing and supporting your learning.
  • Built-in apps – modern mobile and computer devices pretty much all now come with built-in calendar, note and reminder apps. Never underestimate the classics! These apps are a solid and reliable way to keep up your organisation on the go, making sure nothing gets forgotten in those moments where you don’t have a pen and paper to hand.

Feel like you are forever writing down notes and losing them? Sticky notes taking over your desk? Well, there is an abundance of checklist and notes resources out there, with varying layouts and goal tracking to suit your needs and inspire you to reach your full potential.

  • Microsoft To-Do – this simple yet effective app gives a clear tick list layout for ease of use, plus the satisfaction of striking off your completed tasks! You can title individual lists to suit your schedule, and with its minimalist design – as well as including the option to personalise your lists with colours of scenic backgrounds – the app allows you to focus on the job at hand, enabling you to organise your thoughts in a precise, calming fashion.
  • Evernote – a great choice for those looking for a multimedia style of note-taking. Evernote allows you to add images to your notes and write over them, as well as add video and audio clips, web clippings, PDFs and more, making sure your brilliant ideas never go amiss.
  • Microsoft OneNote – Microsoft are smashing it over here with the organisational tools! OneNote not only allows you to create full notebooks, in which you can sort your study notes, work plans and to-do lists into neat sections, there is also the option to write sticky notes, for those moments you just need to quickly jot something down to remember for later – preserving the trees and your peace of mind.

Similar Web offers a fantastic list of some of the best apps to aid students in every area of their studies.

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Expanding your learning and skills

Finding online resources which enhance and inspire your learning beyond course content can be very beneficial, and can open your eyes to new avenues or ways of working that you hadn’t been aware of before.

  • Skillshare – Skillshare is an innovative online learning space where teachers and creators can share and teach their craft or business, allowing you to access a huge library of skills from the comfort of home. While a membership is required, you get the first month free, and you will have access to thousands of online classes where you can discover a new skill or hone the ones you already have. With everything from photography, illustration and fabric design, to entrepreneurial classes, there is an abundance of knowledge to be discovered that may enhance your learning alongside your chosen course.
  • Video platforms – online video platforms such as Youtube and TikTok are possibly the most popular and accessible ways to support your learning. Tutorials, Ted Talks, interviews, inspiration – the content is unending!
  • Social Media – similarly to online video forums, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have grown in popularity, with small business owners and influencers offering advice and guidance on launching your career, whatever pathway you are on. There is a never-ending stream of inspiration, how-to photos and videos, Instagram, in particular, is a great place to connect with others in your industry.

Support, encouragement and self care

A vital element of study that often gets forgotten is the maintenance of ourselves. We get so busy organising our work and delving into our learning that we can forget to take a moment for ourselves to recharge. Carving out some time for yourself throughout your training ensures you stay in the best place mentally and physically to receive information and reach your full potential. 

Completing a course whilst trying to manage everyday life can be tricky at times, and the demands of both can become overwhelming. If you find yourself struggling, it is important to reach out and seek help or advice from a loved one or a mental health professional.

Our courses

At My Learning Online, we know that committing to a course can feel daunting and overwhelming. What do I want to do? What do I get from the course? Have I got space in my life for this right now?

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We offer multiple courses in Photography, Wildlife and Animal, Beauty, Agriculture and Farming, Lifestyle, Small Business, Admin and Reception, and Landscaping and Horticulture, giving you a smorgasbord of courses to choose from.

All of our courses come with a downloadable brochure, giving further information about course content, module breakdown and assessments, accessing your learning online and tutor support. We also have course fee payment plans available to make financing your future that little bit easier. If there is anything you can’t find the answer to on our website, get in touch and we’ll be there to guide you.

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