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5 surprisingly well paid jobs in New Zealand (no degree required!)

If you are considering your career choices, either for a first job or as a new direction, salary will most likely be a top priority. Especially if you are worried about the cost of a lengthy degree, or the time you’ll have to take to train up in your chosen role. 

But did you know that some of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand don’t require a degree?

University isn’t for everyone – whether it’s family commitments, time barriers or the sheer cost of higher education that’s standing in your way. So we’ve listed some of the best jobs in New Zealand below, that don’t require a degree to get started! 

The minimum wage in New Zealand is roughly $40,000 per year for a full-time position, or around $20 per hour. All of the jobs below have an average salary of $60,000 a year (or more!), or around $30 an hour – a super salary to set you up for success.

So, let’s explore some of the best paying jobs in New Zealand without a degree:

1. Project Manager

A project manager is an invaluable role in many large organisations. A core member of any team, much of their work is centred around accountability, organisation & delegation – ensuring that targets are hit & deadlines are made. 

Project managers are also well paid, especially once experienced. A project manager with a few years of projects under their belt can earn an average of $100,000 – or more! 

Completing an accredited Project Management Online Course will put you in good stead to develop a strong foundation of the industry and gain entry level employment in this future-proofed industry.

2. Legal Assistant

As a legal assistant, you will support busy firms and prepare all manner of important documents, working directly with lawyers and their clients. A fast-paced and highly skilled role with plenty of room for further development, there’s no degree requirement to get started. 

With an incentivising bonus system, you could earn around $70,000 in this role. Plus, it’s a great place to start if you are considering whether a longer and more costly law degree is for you – offering you a taste for firm life!

Completing a Certificate in Legal Administration is the best way to elevate your expertise above others looking for entry level employment in this competitive sector. So you can hit the ground running once you get there.

3. Farm Manager

Responsible for overseeing the production of livestock, crops, or both, a farm manager is the operational heart of any agribusiness. Ensuring targets are hit and setting yield goals, they are essential to the profitable and efficient running of this lucrative sector. 

A booming industry with excellent career prospects, an experienced farm manager can earn anywhere from $70,000 – $200,000 a year.

While no degree is required, relevant skills and knowledge are essential to securing a role. A certificate in Farm Management will equip you with the confidence to take this leadership role & progress into a thriving agricultural career.

4. Fitness Manager

Fitness is big business in New Zealand! And exceptional fitness managers are becoming a highly sought after role. Overseeing the daily operations of state of the art facilities, they ensure that clients receive 5* treatment and hit their gym goals. 

Experienced managers in the best centres can earn anywhere from $60,000 – $150,000 a year.  

Although no degree is required, this intricate role requires excellent communication, executive management & organisational skills to drive success. Therefore enhancing your CV with a Professional Communication Course will maximise your employment opportunities in this sector.

5. Landscaping

As well as a good salary, there’s some aspects to a career that can make it’s value priceless…like being in the great outdoors! As a landscaper, you’ll work with clients to maintain, redesign and re-inspire their green spaces. 

But did you know that a landscaper can earn well over the minimum wage, with an average of around $70,000 a year? And a senior landscaper can earn nearer to $100,000? We thought not!

While no degree is necessary to start your landscaping business, to really bloom you’ll need to have a strong knowledge of the technical skills & theoretical knowledge involved. Our Landscaping Certificate equips you with a full understanding of all the important landscaping elements needed to grow your business.

There you have it! 5 well paid jobs that don’t require a degree, offering some of the best careers in New Zealand for those keen to start a profitable career quickly. 

The best part? With our accredited and expert led courses, you can study the essential skills for these roles online while working in other well-paid office roles! So you could earn & learn, setting yourself up for success in your chosen role. With 24 hr access & affordable payment plans, they are perfectly suited to turning your motivation for a side hustle into an incredible career. 

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